OpenFire installation Detailed (MAC)

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The XMPP protocol is the standard protocol for international Instant messaging (even if few people in the country use the Protocol), which defines the standards for IM communication if you want to implement live chat, you need a server, But for our mobile developers to build a server on our own to be a little bit of a lack of power, and OpenFire just help us solve this problem.

OpenFire is developed in Java, and the open source real-time collaboration (RTC) server is based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol. You can use it to easily build an efficient Instant Messaging server.
Files used: Links:
Password: 5RFM

To install the OpenFire server first we need to build a database, here we use mysql-5.6.12-osx10.7-x86_64.

Installing the MySQL Database

Double-click Open

Installing PKG Files

Continue all the way, enter the password after the installation success
Then install this file (because the MySQL installation will not appear in the application, you need to install this system preference management, let him appear in the System preference management location).
MySQL shortcuts appear at System Preferences after installation is complete
Open this shortcut and start MySQL.

If you want your database to boot from the start of the installation of this file (no installation and no problem, when used to remember to open the line)
and check here.
OK, now that our database is installed,
Now the MySQL installation is pressed into your account: The root password is empty.
Now let's set up the MySQL password.
Open the terminal and enter the instructions.

打开终端,输入:sudo vi ~/.bash_profile回车输入 i回车然后粘贴以下内容# mysqlalias mysql=‘/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql‘alias mysqladmin=‘/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin‘# lsalias ls=‘ls -G‘回车按ESC键输入 :wq回车重新启动终端程序"如果在安装过程中出现错误那么就是用 sudo rm -rf .bash_* 然后在重新输入 sudo vi ~/.bash_profile从这里开始"

Then modify the MySQL password:

-u"123456"把密码修改成123456-u-p123456 查看密码是否修改成功。

Now that MySQL has been configured, then we install the MySQL Visual management tool mysql-workbench

Open the Mysql-workbench installation package

Direct installation and drag it over.
Then open Mysql-workbench and enter the following screen

Click New Connection

Open this connection and you will be able to access your MySQL visual management interface.

Then we can finally install OpenFire.

Install this file

Go all the way, this interface appears after installation is complete

Turn your system preferences back on,

You can see that your openfire has been installed.
Double hit open openfire into this interface (note: OpenFire is Java-based, so we need to install the Java environment, if there is no friends installed, please first install the Java Runtime Environment)

So OpenFire is already installed on our computer, and then we need to go to the database that we created just now to associate openfire with the table.

打开终端输入  cd /usr/local回车open .回车打开openfire所在文件夹

Now this folder has a little red dot on it, and we find that he can't open it.
Right click on this folder--show Introduction

Then we switch to Sqlworkbench.

Wait for it to finish importing this interface will appear after

Then open Opdenfire.

Go to our OpenFire configuration interface

Go on

Select the standard database connection to continue (here to keep the database open)

Go on
There is no need to change the direct click to continue

Then configure your account name and password

OK until now our OpenFire has been configured to complete

OpenFire installation Detailed (MAC)

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