Openresty Server uses Lua script to write Hello World Simple example

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This article is mainly about the Openresty server using LUA script to write Hello World simple instance, Openresty (also known as Ngx_openresty) is a full-featured Web application server. It packs the standard Nginx core, many of the most commonly used third-party modules, and most of their dependencies, and the friends you need can refer to the

Openresty provides a wealth of interfaces and variables to LUA, and developers can leverage the Lua language features and these interfaces for efficient development. Everything is hard at the beginning, but it is half the success of programming to write Hello World.

1. Installation Openresty

2. Configure Nginx

The code is as follows:

server {

Listen 80;

server_name localhost;

#charset Koi8-r;

#access_log Logs/host.access.log Main;


root HTML;

Index index.html index.htm;


Location/lua {

Default_type Text/plain;





3. New/opt/lua/bin/test.lua

The code is as follows:

Local welcome = "Hello World"

Ngx.say (Welcome)

4, Access can

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