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 Opera Browser Popular extensions recommended

Where do you download Opera browser extensions?

Opera Browser Popular extension plugin official download address https://addons.opera.com/zh-cn/

Opera Browser Popular extensions recommended:

1,autocomplete (auto complete)

This plug-in can save the input history of the text box and can then display the input history or automatically match the current input when the same text box is entered.

IE, Chrome brings this feature. Opera by default seems to have only saved form functionality. This extension is still good, you can set up a variety of automatic content sorting method, easy to delete entries.

2,translate (translation)

The use of chrome students in the visit to the Foreign language page must have seen the top of the page "this page for * * text, whether translation" tips.

This plugin can enable opera to achieve this function, the effect is basically the same as Chrome, but also the use of Google's translation interface. But the hint is in English. Click Translate to translate the entire Web page.

You can set each language yourself, "Automatically translate the language" "ask if you want to translate" "Do not translate the language." In addition, press shift+ctrl+r on the page to translate the page directly.

Encrypted pages are not translated by default and can be opened in preferences. "Enable translation on secure pages?" Select "Yes"

"Text from secure sites will be sent to Google's translation server via a secure connection"

3,hypertranslate (translation of words)

Select a section of text on the page and press the shortcut key to translate it. You can also double-click the word translation.

The extension Center is also in-place translator and translator. But I think it's better than this.

4,persistent Text/textarea Backup localstorage (text Save)

I believe a lot of people in the forum post experience because of the browser crash, posting errors and other reasons for the hundreds of-word loss of the story of the post.

Persistent text can save what you enter in the text box, and if you visit this page again, you can restore the last entry you entered.

There are three ways to recover, one is the content can be restored when the browser to display a recovery button in the upper right corner, the other is a pop-up page message to ask whether recovery, the third is automatic recovery.

Textarea Backup localstorage Displays a red button on the text entry box. Click on the option to restore text, clear, and so on. Seems to be more convenient than the last.

Note that some web support seems to be not very good, such as in the Golden Hill Guardian Forum Hair theme, may resume the topic did not recover content. So it's a good idea to try a website before you use it.

5,image Preview Popup (picture preview)

When the metric slides across the picture file or links to the picture, the Bounce window is displayed with the picture preview. (This extension is multilingual, with traditional Chinese)

No more introduction, hover the mouse over the following two links to try it.

The new version of this extension adds a "slide" feature that lets you browse through all of the picture links on the page in turn.

6,opera AdBlock (Advertising filter)

ADB advertising filter reputation is still quite large, like to filter ads may wish to try.

This extension has a Chinese page.

"Opera's real advertising filter kit.

Subscribe and enable the ad filtering list on opera.

The list of available subscriptions are: Fanboy, Peter Lowe, easylist .... And so on (including a list of different languages). ”

Although there are many ways to filter ads in opera, installing this extension may be the most convenient option.

I do not usually use ADS to filter, do not know how the effect. Read the comments are mixed. )

7,lastpass (password Management)

LastPass is a cross browser password management synchronization tool. Baidu Encyclopedia Introduction

Although Opera has a password manager to fill in the form, but the function is not as strong as this, and can not use Operalink synchronization forms.

(Currently the official version of opera11.10 can not sync the password, but 11.50 beta Operalink has been able to sync the password)

8,reading list (read lists)

Save the page you want to read later with the read it later account. Can be synchronized across platforms.

Functions are similar to bookmarks, but bookmarks are generally used to hold frequently accessed links or to collect certain pages. It would be messy to put the content that needs to be read later.

In the forum to see a long post, temporarily no time to read, you can save reading List, have time to read.

9,tineye Search (similar image searches)

TinEye is a search engine that looks for similar images. Upload a local picture or enter a picture link, TinEye can help you find similar images on the Internet.

After you install this extension, you can search for the picture directly with TinEye by clicking on the picture on the page (or by pressing the hotkey click).

If you see a picture that doesn't know where it came from, or if you don't think the picture is clear enough, you can use the plugin to find the source and clearer picture.

TinEye in the image search is still quite good, but there is no Chinese page, the picture on the domestic page seems to be included not much.

Find the domestic picture, you can also use Baidu map.

10,x-notifier (Mail reminder)

X-notifier is a cross browser mail reminder plug-in, you can regularly check and prompt new mail, a key landing mailbox. Support many mailboxes. Including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, the domestic NetEase, Tencent and so on.

Install this plugin, set the type of mailbox, the default support Gmail,hotmail, etc., you can click on the right scripts add more mailboxes.

Click the Scripts button, the following has "Get Scripts", click to enter this page, find the above to add the mailbox, click on the mailbox name, the link address to copy to the Scripts input box, click Add on it. For example NetEase: Http://ftp.rz.tu-bs.de/pub/mirro ... Rscripts/netease.js (It is strange that this plugin for the Chrome browser will add the local. js file, Opera is add JS address)

Then enter the mailbox name and password, add the account, the following can be set to check the time interval for messages.

I tried a Gmail mailbox and a 126 mailbox, check the new mail is basically normal, but after the click can not directly log into the mailbox, but open a page that is not logged in. But I use this plugin on the Chrome browser, but I can log in the mailbox normally. Both 11.10 and 11.50alpha are the problem. I don't know what the reason is.

11,autopatchwork (Continuous paging)

When you read a page that is divided into multiple pages, autopatchwork can automatically load the next page and insert it below the current page, which allows you to read multiple pages of pages in a continuous scrolling way without clicking on the next page.

12,insite Search (searching in site)

This extension can use Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu search engines to search the site for current browsing sites. Search the keywords inside the site.

13,tabfixer (label top)

Make one of opera's tabs sticky, so that other labels can't block the labels that are on top.

This feature is useful when some tabs are displayed in small windows, such as Baidu and Google's music box, which is the label of a small window, which is the top of the label, and can be easily seen while browsing other pages.

Opera's default mouse gesture "on-right" (maximum) can be the current tab to a small window display, with the label, you can play a small window video, small window search, comparison of pages, in two or more different pages paste copy between.

To use this extension, you need to check the opera menu--set--preferences--advanced--content--javascript options--"Allow the window to be mentioned first".

14,show Hide password (show hidden password)

Opera has password Manager wand, can save the website password automatically login. When you log in, the password appears as a string of * numbers. Some of the pages themselves automatically saved passwords also appear as *.

Wand used more, may have been set the password has been forgotten. Although can log in, but some circumstances still need to enter a password, wand saved password is encrypted, cannot display directly.

This extension allows the password to display the string * Number as a password, the password box to the right side will have a link "show password/hide password", click "Show" and then use wand fill in the password. The password will be displayed.

Opera defaults to fill in the password after the direct login, so that the password will flash over to see clearly, the above wand link has instructions:

If you only want Wand to help you fill in your username and password without automatically logging in, uncheck opera:config#userprefs| Wandautosubmit can be.

Of course, other people use your computer can also use this method to get your password. If you are worried about this, you can set the master password in Opera preferences-advanced-security-to protect your saved passwords.

Opera's latest version of the 11.50snapshot has been able to sync passwords with Operalink accounts. So as long as the password to protect the opera account, your other password can not be remembered.

15,popup StatusBar (pop-up status bar)

Opera default settings mouse to move to the link will be suspended display link address, but follow the mouse position display, and sometimes can block the contents of the mouse near.

You can use this extension to override this feature, and when you move the mouse over the link, the extension displays the link address of the mouse in the lower-left corner of the browser. Then in Opera preferences-advanced-browsing-to "show ToolTips to remove", you will not be in the location of the mouse to display the link.

16,nettools (Network Tools)

NetTools is a collection of several common tools. Provides ping to current URL, traceroute (track route), GeoIP (display site IP), WHOIS (query domain name information), HTTP Head (HTTP header detection), DNS info (DNS information), etc.

17,snap links (Box selection link)

With this extension you can select multiple links with the mouse box to open one at a time. Save the mouse multiple clicks.

18, Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo _opera Speed dial extension provides users with a quick access to not only can you click on the link to "Sina Weibo", but also to be able to get the first Sina authorization, the user's home page to show the latest meager, and read unread comments, @ number, DMS and fans-a more intuitive and simple way to get the status of Weibo updates.

19,autopager (Auto page)

Good automatic page expansion, as well as Chinese forum.

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