OPPO r9s Fingerprint identification How to use the OPPO r9s fingerprint recognition settings using a graphic tutorial

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On the evening of October 18, OPPO held a new autumn new product launch in Shanghai, and officially launched a brand-new upgraded model--oppo r9s/r9s Plus. With a five-minute charge from the previous generation, the 2-hour R9 online was a great success, and Oppo hopes to upgrade to the offline market again. One of the things that is not quite the same with previous generations is that OPPO r9s uses solid-state fingerprint recognition, which is not able to be pressed (similar to the home key on the iphone 7). So oppo r9s fingerprint identification How to set it? The following small series to bring you a detailed oppo r9s fingerprint identification set up a tutorial, I hope to some small white users help.

OPPO R9s still uses a positive fingerprint identification module, although the Fingerprint home button can not be pressed, but its fingerprint entry mode is basically the same as other fingerprint phone operation process. Believe that the use of fingerprint identification of friends should be this operation, different from each handset manufacturer different customization system, but the system is different, its input fingerprint is basically the same. Not much said, the following is the Oppo r9s fingerprint recognition set method steps.

1, in the Oppo r9s system main interface to find "settings" application icon, click to enter, as shown in the following schematic.

Second, then Oppo r9s set the page, and then find and click into the "Fingerprint and password" setting option, then the page open the Unlock button, and then click "Add Fingerprint" as shown in the following figure.

Three, finally put the finger into the fingerprint key above, follow the prompts to step by step, as shown in the picture.

After the fingerprint of your finger on the home key on the black screen can directly enter the system, fingerprint recognition speed is very fast, basically can do seconds, in addition to identifying fingerprints, touch the home key can act as a return button (directly back to the main interface, before the pressure is now touch).

The above is a small series for everyone to bring the Oppo r9s fingerprint identification steps, I hope to help everyone, if you have any questions, you can in the comments below the box to give us a message oh. We will do our best to answer for you. Thank you for your support as always.

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