Optimization of Debian System for VPS Learning notes

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The Debian system optimized for VPS notes Julu redundant service-class software, redundant system components, and replaceable system components in Debian systems. I am a Linux small white, these contents are used in the ordinary use of the command and online collection commands, such as a better solution or the content of the error, give me a message oh.

Redundant service-class software (which will start itself and affect the larger):

Apt-get-y purge apache2-* bind9-* xinetd samba-* nscd-* portmap sendmail-* sasl2-bin

apache2-*//apache Server, we generally reload or change nginx, etc.
bind9-*//dns Server, we generally do not build a DNS server on their own VPS, decisively removed
XINETD//xinetd is a service daemon, such as the usual FTP server does not open, found that someone access to 21 ports will automatically start the FTP server. VPS does not need
samba-*//samba enables Linux systems to use Windows sharing functionality, and the VPS obviously does not need
nscd-*//dns caching software, with BIND9, does not need
Portmap//Port forwarding, General Web server does not need
sendmail-*//Send mail use, general procedures are used php-sendmail, do not need this
Sasl2-bin//a permission program, not only occupy resources, but also easy to establish system account when the error, decisively deleted

Redundant system components (does not start from, but takes up hard drives, and may also cause conflicts):

Apt-get-y Purge Lynx memtester unixodbc python-* odbcinst-* sudo tcpdump ttf-*

Lynx//Text browser
Memtester//test memory has no bad
UNIXODBC odbcinst-*//ODBC database, mainly for Windows, do not use the site generally
python-*//The famous Python language, if you are playing Linux very likely, but the Web server is not available
sudo//Let authorized ordinary users get root privileges, VPS does not need
Tcpdump//tcp Grab Bag
ttf-*//desktop environment with fonts, we just command line ...

System components that can be replaced:

Ksyslog or Rsyslog-> inetutils-syslogd//This is the system log, the first two functions are complete, but the system takes up redundant
vim-*-> Nano//vim editor is famous, but I really do not use, and although the resources than Emacs a number of small, still can't spell nano
Bash-> Dash or Pdksh//bash console is also a bit bloated, but it's not necessary to replace it for convenience.
OpenSSH-> dropbear//This is the SSH server, with dropbear, each SSH can save several m memory

Finally clear Apt-get autoremove && apt-get Clean

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