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One of the top posts has a VBScript code that encodes the XMLHTTP return value, but is extremely inefficient ... I did a lot of hard work and finally made a very fast and satisfying code. However, the level limit or have to use the CHR function of VBScript to convert acsii to Unicode, do not know which eldest brother can think of ways?
PS: Algorithm optimization is really a brain work.

-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-Gorgeous update split line-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

Every word I put down the test run time, finally shorten the running time of about 10 times times, now should be a practical algorithm.

I started with a regular replacement, each word replaced, the result found that 87020 bytes is actually about 40 seconds
Now this code on my computer only need about 3 seconds, haha, it feels so good

Note: This algorithm is not optimal for situations where you only need to decode it once, but it should be the best algorithm for multiple decoding.

<title>xml http</title>
<script language=javascript>
Web site for testing
Url= "http:\/\/www.blueidea.com\/";
Verify that the VBScript function you want exists, does not exist, write a
if (typeof (RSB) = = "undefined") {Initvbs ();};
}catch (e) {initvbs ();}
* * Global variable * *
Glbencode stores ASCII to Unicode characters, the advantage of which is that the decoding efficiency of repeated decoding can be improved
Glbencode=new Array ();
* * Initialization function * *
function Initvbs () {
Initialize two FUNTION:RSB and Vbchar in VBScript
strvbs= "<script language=vbscript>\r\n";
strvbs+= "Function RSB (vIn) \r\nrsb=midb (vin,1) \r\nend function\r\n";
strvbs+= "Function Vbchar (ss) \r\nvbchar = CHR (ss) \r\nend function\r\n";
strvbs+= "<\/script>";
document.write (Strvbs);
Get Web content in sync
function Loadurl (strURL) {
if (!strurl) {return (false);}
var xmlhttp=new activexobject ("MSXML2"). XMLHTTP ");
Xmlhttp.open ("Get", strurl,false);
Xmlhttp.send ("");
return XmlHTTP;
function Recode (b) {
var s=rsb (b);
S=escape (s). Replace (/%u/gi, ""). Replace (/(. { 2}) (. { 2})/g, "%$2%$1"). Replace (/% [A-z].)% (. {2}) /ig, "%@$1$2");
var unis=s.match (/\%@ (. { 4})/g);
S=s.replace (/@/g, "");
if (UNIS) {
var k;
for (Var i=0;i<unis.length;i++) {
K=unis[i].substring (2,6);
if (!glbencode[k]) {
Glbencode[k]=escape (Vbchar (eval ("0x" +k))). substring (1,6);
Tempa=s.split ("%");
for (Var i=0;i<tempa.length;i++) {
if (tempa[i].length!=2) {
S=tempa.join ("%");
return unescape (s);
function init () {
Sttime= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
Ree=loadurl (URL). responsebody;
Sttime2= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
S001=recode (REE);
sttime3= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
S001=recode (REE);
sttime4= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
S001=recode (REE);
sttime5= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
document.body.innertext= "Total Download" +s001.length+ "byte";
sttime6= (New Date ()). GetTime ();
strr= "Download" + (Sttime2-sttime) + "ms\r\n";
strr+= "Decoding" + (sttime3-sttime2) + "ms\r\n";
strr+= "Decoding Time" + (Sttime4-sttime3) + "ms\r\n";
strr+= "Again decoding Time" + (STTIME5-STTIME4) + "ms\r\n";
strr+= "Show when" + (STTIME6-STTIME5) + "ms\r\n";
<body >
In the download ...

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