ORA-01650: unable to extend rollback segmentname By num intablespace name

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ORA-01650: Unable to extend rollback segment name By num intablespace name

Cause: Oracle error is caused by insufficient tablespace In the rollback segment This is also the most common Oracle error message for ORACLE data administrators. When a user is performing a very large data operation, resulting in insufficient existing rollback segments, the table space of the available rollback segments is full and cannot be allocated, the preceding error occurs.

Solution: Use" Alter tablespace tablespace_name add datafile filename size size_of_file "Command to add a tablespace to the specified data. You can add one or more tablespaces as needed. Of course, this is also related to the bare disk device on your host. If there is no additional space for the bare disk device on your host, we recommend that you do not increase the size of the tablespace In the rollback segment. You can use the following statements to first query the remaining tablespace space:

Select user_name, SQL _text from V $ open_cursor where user_name = '';

If the extra space is large, you can append a large rollback segment to the tablespace to avoid the above errors. You can also use the following statement to check the rollback segment competition:

Select class, count from V $ waitstat where calss in ('System undo header', 'System undo Block', 'undo header', 'undo Block'); and

Select sum (value) from V $ sysstat where name in ('db _ block_gets', 'consistents gets ');

If the value of any class in count/sum (value) is greater than 1%, you should consider adding a rollback segment.

The corresponding English is as follows:

Cause: failed to allocate extent from the rollback segment in tablespace

Action: Use the alter tablespace add datafile statement to add one or more files to the specified tablespace.

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