Ora-12705:cannot Access NLS data files or invalid environment specified

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ora-12705:cannot Access NLS data files or invalid environment specified

The solution is as follows:


Open the Control Panel--> "Regional and language items"--> "Regional Options" card--> see if people are "Chinese" (most systems are like this), well, look at it, huh.
Open your MyEclipse directory there is an Eclipse folder under a Eclipse.ini it is a configuration file read at startup in MyEclipse. Specific I forgot that there is a startup item inside, you do not change now should be =en to change it to zh!
All right, just change this place and restart Myeclipse,ok.


Download Address: http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/tech/oci/instantclient/htdocs/winsoft.html

1: Download this, Instant Client package-basic package. Then extract to any directory such as: F:/oracleclient, in this directory to create a network folder, and then the folder and then set up the Admin folder, and then the service has been established Tnsnames.ora files to this directory, and modify IP;

Linux if the environment variable Nls_lang value is na will cause ORA-12705 error, the solution is to modify the set nls_lang=simplified Chinese_china. ZHS16GBK I solved it with the first method. The second approach remains to be validated

Citation source Ora-12705:cannot Access NLS data files or invalid environment specified-quiet night sky-javaeye Technology web site

2: Modify the environment variable to increase the oracle_home=f:/oracleclient; Modify the PATH environment variable to increase the f:/oracleclient;

3: Start Pl/sql, appear oralce logon press Cancel Calcel, open pl/sql-"perference inside set OCI Library and Oracle_home, my setting is OCI library=f:/ Oracleclient/oci.dll,oracle_home=f:/oracleclient. Quit landing again. Login Tip If an Oracle Instant Client appears ora-12705:cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified error. Modified as follows: If the Windows platform, the registry/hkey_local_machine/software/oracle lookup key Nls_lang, this key was created by the ORACLE standard client installation, the value is NA. This led to a ORA-12705 error. The solution is to modify na to simplified Chinese_china. ZHS16GBK.

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