[Original] Good buy wealth test environment Automation Release deployment system Practice

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[Original] Good buy wealth test environment Automation Release deployment system Practice

Why develop a set of test environments to automate release deployment systems?

(1) Good buy trading system is more and more large, more and more complex, only set up a system to involve more than 50 content;

(2) Manual set up test environment prone to error, more complaints, the business parties complained more;

(3) To build a test environment inefficient, huge system, the old way to be about 1 days busy, sometimes out of trouble time will be longer,

(4) Development of multi-branch parallel development, seize the market, the requirements must meet the company in rapid development and iterative testing, the current maintenance of 16 sets of environment, estimated 16 will be more;

(5) Previous system construction, too dependent on personal experience, staff turnover will cause a very large bottleneck;

(6) Are leaders forced, these days can do something, are leaders sometimes "excessive" requirements, leadership requirements 1.5 people, support dozens of sets of environment, half a day to deal with the environment release deployment + test case verification, the perfect delivery of business parties;

Two good buy wealth test environment Automation Release deployment system solution?

(1) The core solution uses SVN+MAVEN+JENKINS+FTP, using Shell,python and Java Development Related program module, through the Jenkins platform for continuous integration;

Miyoshi Buy Wealth test environment Automation release what features have been implemented by the deployment system?

(1) Test Environment Authority management;

(2) test environment One-click Release and Deployment;

(3) test Environment version synchronization, build different versions on demand;

(4) test environment diversification, build function, performance and automated test environment;

(5) test Environment One-click Backup and Recovery;

(6) e-mail notification;

(7) Test Environment Automation test Case Inspection system development (in progress);

(8) test Environment Release deployment full Volume 30 minutes, increment 15 minutes;

Some ideas for the future

(1) The company's system support, the whole product line into the test environment automation deployment system;

(2) The company external outsourcing system into the test environment automation deployment system;

(3) test environment release and deployment of the wrong log system, more convenient, faster, more concise troubleshooting;

(4) test environment release deployment diversification requirements, "go technical", weaken the use of technical personnel, open products or business personnel, to achieve a humane one-click Release deployment System;

(5) A more robust test environment data building system, supporting the testing personnel of various test scenarios data support, to achieve a one-click deployment of human release;

(6) Continuous construction, continuous testing-continuous release-continuous deployment, through development, testing to the perfect convergence of operations, to achieve image to production environment release deployment;

(7) ....

[Original] Good buy wealth test environment Automation Release deployment system Practice

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