(Original) how to set the best environment for Quartus II? (SOC) (Quartus II)

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My Quartus II environment settings are mainly set to the black and white characters in my environment and will be updated accordingly.

Quartus II is a visual Studio-like huge, but I have not fully understood it because of its many preset features. Currently, it is mainly set to the black and white background of my website, the rest of the settings will keep updating as I know more about Quartus II.

Step 1:
Accelerate us II notebook

Tools> Options> General> Internet connectivity
Do not check the Altera web site for new Quartus II Information

Step 2:
Program firewall settings

Tools-> Option-> Text Editor
Tab size [in spaces]: 2
Select Insert spaces on Tab
Do not select Save backup file

Step 3:
Set the font of the program Receiver

Tools-> Option-> Text Editor-> Fonts
LAS: 20

Step 4:
Set black and white characters

Tools-> Option-> Text Editor-> colors

Background: Black
Selection highlight: 128,128,255
Normal text: white
Single-line comments: 0,128, 0
Multi-line comments: 0,128, 0
Key words: 0,255,255
Strings enclosed in single quotes: 255,255, 0
Strings enclosed in double quotes: 255,255, 0
Line Number Background: 237,236,235


Final Result

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