(original) North American credit card personal use experience and summary (Personal Finance Edition) [Essence]

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http://forum.chasedream.com/thread-766972-1-1.html I 8 months F1 Two degrees to the United States, now credit score between 724-728 floating, the highest time also 730 , belonging to the good range, greater than 746 excellent score. within two years from no credit record to Good, feel pretty good, now how to build a credit history and some experience to share with you. Hope to be of help to everyone.

The importance of credit records in North America is naturally not much to say. My enlightenment is the school /renren on -line a person called Lantian wrote a post (this June in the United States to read undergraduate, now in the LBS master,Google, the school a search save money posted his post the most fire, CD also reproduced)
I didn't have a credit history after I took SSN. The first attempt to apply for a number of student cards are according to, and then found the Citi Secure credit card, paid a deposit to the line of credit. Start slowly Build credit history. The banks with this secured credit card are BOA, Citi and CapitalOne. Capital One 's customer service online has been scolded a lot,BOA 's feature than Citi, so then the Citi. I haven't tried the way others referral. According to others, it is also sometimes reported.
so at first Shenkar old people can consider this method.
now for the classification:

1. American Express:this is my favorite and I personally recommend the family. His family'sPersonal cardsand theBusiness Cardand so there are very goodFeature. I started with his family.True earning.The one with the green. Gas 3, travel 2, andOther andCostcoall have1%.the reason for this one is that I often go toCostcobuy things. Costcohome is very cheap is only accept this one credit card. Other debit cards, or cash or cheques. If you often goCostcoI highly recommend this one. Paid forCostcoThe annual fee for this card after the member's annual fee can beWaiver. If not often goCostcoof people I recommendBlue Cash everyday.The general supermarketGrocery Shoppingall have3%. Cash Back,gasand theDepartment store2%. Bluecash preferredhave a75the annual fee of the knife, the supermarket has6%of theCashback. You can calculate this value is not worth the claim.

American Express 's SPG Hida Huaca is recommended by many people on the web. It's very good indeed. It's a good fit for anyone who sits in a cheaper airline. If you have been using an airline that can claim the company's frequently sky program. such as Delta and AA all have.
American Express other very good features are the extended warranty period, free enroll car rental insurance, travel insurance, baggage insurance fees (every time you use a card to rent a car charge20 multi-knife bar) and express customer service is very good. the line of credit rose is also refreshing. I originally applied for the card of the three miles of his home immediately gave me a grant, also did not call to ask.
Business Card individuals can also apply. I haven't tried it myself. Because cash back officesupplier I don't often buy. By the way, a business card does not affect personal credit scores.

2. Discoverdiscover the card. This is my family .Discover more(Studentcardto tell the truth, his family is very stingy. His family had not been a green card or a citizen before. I have all the cards in JP Morgan.7000and now this discovery card is all I have.750(or3months ago, I asked for a500rose to1000he gave it to me .750.each quarter has5%different cashback items. His family, and I think it's a desirable place.Shop DiscoverSome rebates are better thanEbatesand theMrrebatesare ruthless. Like Clinique and Estee Lauder .5%. Estee Lauder is not available on the return website (Macy's etcDepartment Storethe return of his home is now out of theCreditcan be inAmazonfooled1:1use. This one I think is a chicken card. In order to keep my credit card kind of complete, I let him put it so. sometimes5%It will be used when refueling.

3. Visa and Master Visa and MasterCard domestic are also very popular. This is more than a dot. the Worldelite features of Visa signature and MC are better and more difficult to apply for, for the wealthy . Sometimes Asian supermarkets only accept these two cards. Both the Express card and the discovery card are not available. This is still a sub-bank.
BOA I really have nothing to say. I didn't use his family's checking account. A cash rewards of his family gave me 1000. Chicken Card. I don't know why so many people on this side are claiming his family's checking account. Is it because of cooperation with CCB? His cheque book gave a super-stingy, only 6 Zhang! Citi has more than one , JPMorgan Chase also has Zhang! And the money in the account,ATMs have been outdoors. Unsafe not to say, the winter line cold to die, summer line hot dead. A 5-knife fee is charged per month for a very cerebral remnant . Later complained of too many people, nothing. In short, his family think he is a big guy, a lot of policy is very silly. The individual has no affection for his family.

Morgan Chase:Chase is very good at doing business. Customer service. My Chase Freedom have 7000 quota. His family's ultimate reward is also very good to the force. A lot of the old will take the point of this card to Chase Sappire/preferred, an annual round trip to the domestic air tickets came out. Chase Ink Series Business card is also very good, very high-end very elite. Suitable for the work of the people apply. Personal advice at the beginning of the credit score also has reached a certain level of time do not claim his home card, or the probability is relatively large.

Citi: My first card was made by his family. Nature has a good liking for his family. His family's forward card has a 5X point for Amazon. Equivalent to the return of 5% , compared to force. thankyou reward is also available. His family has a Hilton Hotel card permanent hotel people can apply, also good.

Well ' s Fargo and HSBC. The National Bank is base in the West Bank. I haven't used the products of his family. His family is said to be more stingy with the quota. HSBC's words you have to save money in his home after the more confident. HSBC is also a Asia-biased company. The New York side is not the most dot.

Other regional bank Many credit cards are at least a green card to claim. This is not a detailed word.

talk about other non-mainstream cards and credit institutions:
JCB: A Japanese credit card agency. If you are in the West Bank, live in California, Oregon, Washington (not DC) or Hawaii, his family's credit card is 3% in a dedicated Japanese supermarket. More affordable to force. Domestic I know Jingansi Hisamitsu department store can also use JCB card, should have cash back (Japanese investment Open). New Yorkers can also apply, I originally wanted to see the big Japanese supermarket in New Jersey only, there is no branch in New York, and his family does not have online banking, every bill to send a cheque to Los Angeles too troublesome, so there is no application.

there is a particular need to mention the BarclaysBank. The Bank of England has some good credit cards to win the North American market. Standard Chartered Bank in North America only wholesalebanking, as if there is no personal .  
Barclays ' cash reward the card and sent him a credit , not as much as other banks. 3 months to spend 500-1000 The knife returns to the 100-150 knife again.
Barclays has a very good Visa financing card . And Apple's official store has cooperation. Buy more than three or more items within a month to pay no interest. No interest is paid within 6 months of the block. Perfect for those who want to buy 4 -piece apple-set fruit powder, or buy the iphone as a brick .  
Barclays also has a card from Best Western Hotel, which is also good.
Barclays has a trick that you can open a card from another company within 6 months after you open his home and he will automatically help you down. to the same time , such as the most often have netizens burst. Please pay attention to this point.

Others worth mentioning is that Fidelity has a everything 2% VISA card. you have to open a brokeraccount . Bad is said to be his home dispute function is not very good.  

in short, my advice is to use the credit card place firmly without cash and debit cards. Visa, Mastercard, americanexpress, Discover Four credit institutions at least one of each. the non-mainstream of JCB has also helped to improve credit scores.
each card with a card should not exceed the amount of 30%, the amount of the knife you have to use only a knife. Pay off every month when you pay the money, do not have balance to stay. And not only once, but once every other day. The earliest credit card can not be cancelled, it will affect the length of the credit time.
Other do not often move,utility,wireless Bill can pay in his own name as far as possible to pay his name, but also to accumulate credit help.  
students have no mortgage or anything, can engage a few saving account, CDs,moneymarket, brokerage account to get it.

finally recommend a mint.com. Personal finance website (not scam) put all the information in, he will draw a variety of histogram, pie chart,track Your spending habits and trends, to make the most useful advice for you. Very good website.

that's it. Welcome everyone to shoot bricks.

(original) North American credit card personal use experience and summary (Personal Finance Edition) [Essence]

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