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Some time ago, I made an animation of a butterfly flying. I used the Earth to rotate the butterfly wings.

It is very troublesome to say. And the effect is not very accurate.

I checked it online and saw an article about what digital network I don't know. I explained three methods. They are actually two methods. The reason is that they are two types, the reason is that the CTRL + F method is for material explanation. This is not a method.

The other two types are layer soft superposition and expression application.

It should be particularly noted that, although soft superposition is easy to learn, it is not suitable for long cycles. This requires many layers and seems complicated, while expressions are just a sentence, however, the premise is that you have to learn.

One point is that I re-interpret the article. It is not absolute originality, but just follows the idea of the original article.

Well, I will not talk much about it. The following introduces:

Category 1: directly loop external imported materials.

This type of material has a good loop. You can directly use Ctrl + F to explain the material, and use the loop parameter to set the number of cycles.

The specific method is to click the clip after you import the clip, and then press Ctrl + F to bring up a dialog box. There is a loop option at the bottom, where is the number of times.

I'm too tired to understand it at a glance.

Category 2: loop the materials produced with AE.

Method 1: layer soft stack.

Specific Method:

1. Select the layer to be cyclic, CTRL + D copy layer, copy multiple layers, select all the layers you copied, and select animation> keyframe assistant> sequence layer in sequence. (Chinese: animation-Key Frame assistant-sequence layer)

2. Set it in the pop-up sequence layer dialog window. The time code input box under duration is used to set the transition time for soft stacks between layers. If it is set to 0, these layers are connected to each other at the beginning and end. Crossfade defines whether to fade in and out and how to fade in and out if there is a soft stack transition between them. If you are interested, you can experiment with it by yourself. In the duration column above, we enter 00: 00: 00: 00 to connect the layers to the end. Now, click OK to confirm. We can see that the layers are connected at the beginning and end as we expected.

How long does it take for you to have enough layers.

Method 2: expression.

Expressions are the most powerful editing method in AE, but it must be specified that expressions are not fully usable under any circumstances, more importantly, we should try to use as few expressions as possible unless your expressions are just right. Haha, It's a little far away.

Specific Method:

1. First, drag the clip to be cyclically animated into the timeline window, select the clip, and press CTRL + ALT + T (or select enable time remapping under the layer menu; Chinese: layer-time-open time re-map ).

2. Select Add expression in the animation menu to add an expression.

3 and then add the following expression code to the input box:

Loopout (type = "cycle", numkeyframes = 0)

(Note: Do not copy and paste it directly from here. This will cause an error! Write data directly according to the selection to avoid incorrect parameter changes such as case sensitivity !)

The expression is really Bt. This statement is done, and it takes a long time to loop.

Here is an introduction. Interested parties are welcome to discuss the study together.

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