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I will not talk much about it. I will first copy an introduction from the official website. The new atmel avr Studio 5

Atmel avr Studio 5 is the integrated development environment (IDE) for developing and debugging embedded atmel avr applications. the AVR Studio 5 ide gives you a seamless and easy-to-use environment to write, build, and debug your C/C ++ and your er code.

Introducing atmel avr Studio 5

Creating a new C Project for GCC in atmel avr Studio 5

How to build a project in atmel avr Studio 5

How to Use Atmel Studio 5 Editor

How to Do In-System Programming

Getting started with the AVR software framework, part 1

Getting started with the AVR software framework, part 2

Getting started with the AVR software framework, Part 3

  • Atmel avr Studio 5
  • Atmel avr software framework
  • Jtagice 3
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One environment for 8-and 32-bit

AVR Studio 5 supports all AVR Microcontrollers. Now you can bring all your 8-and 32-bit AVR projects into one, easy-to-use environment.

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Integrated C Compiler

You no longer have to install a separate compiler or toolchain. AVR Studio 5 has des a compiler, aggreger and a simulator, and interfaces seamlessly with in-system debuggers and programmers to make code development easier.

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New Project Wizard

Starting a new project is easy. In AVR Studio 5, the new project wizard sets up all the compiler and linker settings, leader you jump straight to writing code.

Create a blank project, or select from several hundred example projects.

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A better editor

The AVR Studio 5 editor simplifies code editing and lets you code more efficiently. type a few letters of a symbol, and AVR Studio 5 will display a list of suggestions. type a shortcut to expand frequently used snippets of code. instantly view the context and definition of a symbol just by clicking on it. hover over symbols while browsing code to see related information. get the information you need without hunting for it.

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Atmel avr software framework

The AVR software framework is a collection of production-ready source code, written and optimized by experts and tested in hundreds of production designs. using these peripheral drivers, communication stacks and application-specific libraries is the quick and effortless way to complete a project.

Software Framework works compute SS all 32-bit AVR uc3 and 8-bit AVR xmega devices and works with both GNU and iar c compilers.

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Standard APIs

The AVR software framework uses a set of standard application programming interfaces or APIs implements SS all AVRS. they simplify how your application code interfaces with chip peripherals and communication interfaces, ensuring that your application code migrates even easier implements ss the whole range of AVR Microcontrollers.

Application Builder

Use the Application Builder to import drivers, communication stacks and services from AVR software framework into a project. The Application Builder automatically manages library dependencies, making sure your code contains the required drivers.

Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer presents an organized view of all your projects and their files, and gives you simple access to the commands that apply to them. you can easily create applications containing multiple microcontrollers and develop the code for all of them within the same solution.

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In-System Programming

AVR Studio 5 connects seamlessly to a wide range of AVR debuggers and programmers.

One of the biggest advantages of modern flash microcontrollers is their ability to send debug data to your PC, giving you perfect view of what goes on inside.


The new jtagice 3 is smaller, faster and more robust than previous models, and supports all 8-and 32-bit AVR Microcontrollers.

I/O View

With the jtagice connected, AVR Studio 5 can present status of all processor, memories, communication interfaces, and analog interfaces in nicely formatted views, giving you fast access to critical system parameters. there is no faster way to identify bugs and optimize a design, in the lab or in the field.

Easy updates

Fast In-System Programming allows a software update to be downloaded in seconds. Self programming and custom bootloaders allows microcontrollers to receive code updates via any interface, even implements ss a radio link.


This is the official website introduction. From the perspective of my initial use, the first major change is IDE, which uses the shell of vs2010, if the Chinese version of vs2010 is installed on the computer, this interface is also a Chinese version. The best thing about IDE's change is to write programs, code prompts, and use them very well. The project management interface looks very comfortable.

Of course, there are also some unpleasant points. First, the installation package is large and needed. net 4.0 support, fully installed 1g space, installation time is also very long, this is certainly not available in other microcontroller-type development software, but think about this is nothing, easy to use. The software settings are greatly changed and it may take some time to get familiar with them.

Of course, the most depressing thing is that the simulator supports less, and the cheapest JTAG cannot be used, but stk500 can be used, but the supported devices are more than 4. there are only a few versions of X, which is not supported by ike128. If jtagice mkii is used, 500 or 600 is required and cannot be purchased yet. It can only be downloaded using dual-Dragon ISP or through bootloader. Other things are being considered.

Finally, give it:

This is the official version address. It contains all the component versions. You can download it from the official website, but you must register it first.


The above version is updated in version 20110511. If you are interested, please pay attention to it. Welcome to the discussion.

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