(Original version) ThinkPad x61 security process (NB) (ThinkPad) (x61)

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My ThinkPad x61 was successfully installed.

Step 1:
ThinkPad x61 basic hardware

How can I install Windows XP Professional SP3 on ThinkPad x61? (NB) (ThinkPad) (x61) (OS) (Windows)

Step 2:
Installing Microsoft Wireless notebook presentation mouse 8000 driver

Step 3:
Server guard HP LaserJet m1005 MFP driver

Step 4:
ThinkPad travel ultranav USB keyboard

(Original) How do I determine to install ThinkPad travel ultranav USB keyboard drivers? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows)

Step 5:
Security Anti-Virus Pro


Step 6:
Installing Zune desktop theme

(You must set additional colors for office, MSN, and wlw)

Step 7:
Android Vista font

(Formerly known) How does one use a micro-hacker on Windows XP? (OS) (Windows)

Step 8:
Set IE

(Original keyword) How to enable <a target = _ blank> to be enabled on the new index? (Web) (IE) (HTML) (OS) (Windows)
(Original) how to let IE7 press Ctrl + tab for the second time and return to the original Index? (Web) (IE) (OS) (Windows)
(Original tutorial) How does one enable the middleware in ThinkPad's trackpoint to support logging on to MSN, Firefox, IE7, and Office 2007? (NB) (ThinkPad)

Step 9:
Set Windows Live writer

How does one configure Windows Live writer for blog posts? (Web) (Windows Live writer)
(Original) How can I solve the problem that Windows Live writer uploads two clips each time? (Web) (Windows Live writer)
How can I enable the secondary node in the trackpoint of ThinkPad to support the dynamic operation of Windows Live writer? (NB) (ThinkPad) (Web) (Windows Live writer) (OS) (Windows)

Step 10:
Set Windows Environment

How can I solve the problem of stopping Windows XP after it is enabled? (OS) (Windows)
How can I solve the problem of slow access connections activation on Windows XP? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows)
(Original logon) How does one allow windows to automatically log on to my logon portal? (OS) (Windows)
(Original) How do I change the background when logging on to windows? (OS) (Windows XP)
How can I hide the "My sprout Center" on the desktop? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows)
"TCP/IP Patcher" cracking Windows XP SP3 quota limit (OS) (Windows)
Change mouse game standards and sensitivity
(Reporter) How does one Disable Windows xp usb Autorun? (OS) (Windows)

Step 11:
Set ramdisk to use 4G memory

(Original) How to Make ThinkPad x61 in 32-bit Windows XP "use" to 4 GB memory? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows)

Step 12:
Server guard host

Mobile Meter
Glary utilities
(Original) How can I enable ThinkPad x61 on the machine? (NB) (ThinkPad) (x61) (OS) (Windows)

Step 13:
Microsoft Series)
Set the original temp and TMP changes to c: \ Temp instead of ramdisk before installing

Visual Studio 6 + SP5 + SP6
Vs6 can be directly installed from the CD, but the msdn library must first install disk2 and Disk 3 to a hard disk.
Both SP5 and SP6 should be installed, because SP6 only corresponds to VB and VC ++, and does not have VFP and vid.

Visual Studio 2003 + SP1
Hard drive security

Visual Studio 2005 + SP1
Hard drive security
(Formerly known as Alibaba) How can I solve the problem of Service Pack 1 on Visual Studio 2005 (English version) and change it to a mix of Chinese and English interfaces? (. NET) (Visual Studio)
(Original tutorial) My Visual Studio definition (. NET) (Visual Studio)

VFP 9 + SP2
Office 2007
Visual Studio 2008

Step 14:

Photoshop CS & imageready CS

Step 15:
MATLAB 2007b

Step 16:
Altera Series

Quartus II 7.2 SP3
Megacore IP 7.2 SP3
Niosii eds 7.2 SP3
(Original hacker) how to crack Quartus II 7.2 SP3? (IC design) (Quartus II) (nioii)
(Original) how to set the best environment for Quartus II? (SOC) (Quartus II)
(Formerly known) how to set the optimal environment for niosii eds? (SOC) (nio ii)

ModelSim-Altera 6.1g
(Original) how to crack Modelsim-Altera 6.1g and Modelsim se 6.3e? (IC design) (Modelsim)

DSP Builder 7.2 SP3
(Original hacker) how to crack DSP Builder 7.2 SP3? (SOC) (DSP Builder) (MatLab)

Step 17:

Dev C ++
Enterprise effecect
Foxit PDF Reader
Internet Explorer developer Toolbar
K-lite mega Codec
STP MP3 player
Sizer size (Web) (Sizer)
(Reporter) How can I enable ultraedit to support the display by using the pixel transform method? (SOC) (OpenGL)
(Original) how to set the optimal environment for ultraedit? (Ultraedit)

Step 18:
VMware 6
Disk Reorganization
(Reporter) How can we avoid vmware-tray from starting a VMware instance? (OS) (VMware)

Centos 1, 5.1
(Original layout) how to change the terminal of X Window to black-white characters? (OS) (Linux) (centos)
(Original release) how to install VMware Tools on centos? (OS) (Linux) (centos) (VMware)
(Original) how to modify the activation options of gurb? (OS) (Linux) (UBUNTU) (centos)
(Original) How can I disable the host information on the graphic interface when Linux is turned on? (OS) (Linux) (centos)
Yum Update-y updates the system

Step 19:
Glary utilities regionalization
Change temp and TMP to ramdisk

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