(Originally) my views on Lenovo ThinkPad x300 (NB) (ThinkPad) (x300)

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The Taipei conference was originally scheduled to add x300 in May March 1. when there was no such event, I did not witness the real machine, but I decided to meet the current requirements, put forward my personal views.

The x300 is almost perfect. If you have to pick it up, there is only one small regret:
1. Low-Power sl7100
It is not a decision to use the CPU here. However, the CPU size is too small, so it may not be possible to use the 45 nm CPU of a normal computer in the future, in fact, some families are still very focusing on CPU speed for engineering operations, not just reading online videos, especially after x300 uses sl7100, the overall computing speed is not as fast as x61, and only the x61s water system is used. For this kind of computing speed, it is possible to wait for a while, after the x300 running 45 nm Power Supply CPU is normal, it is at least faster than x61 to enter the market.

2. No DVI egress
This is a very serious problem. After Nb went home or entered the public room, it must be external, and D-sub was superior to DVI quality. If the attacker wants to sacrifice DVI to make the x300 smaller and thinner, at least enhanced USB port replicator should have DVI provided.

3. Non-built 3.5 GB
Although we know that this must be done with our business, ThinkPad is focusing on business opportunities, so we should be able to work harder.

However, there are several ThinkPad X Series Issues that have been resolved.
1. Problems with palmrest
2. Questions about non-built CD hosts
3. Problems with LED Backlight TFT not available
4. Questions about no-built SSD
5. No additional conditions

All are resolved in x300, which is worth noting.

Some ThinkPad features remain unchanged.
1. Fully Qualified palmrest space makes typing more comfortable
2. Seven columns of keyboard that will not change in the next year
3. Modify the keyboard category
4. The small metric points are still built
The 5.x series also has rollcage.
6. Keep X Series thin and sexy body
7. Black exterior

If you want to pay for the cost, it is mainly because the 64 gb ssd is in charge, not because you want to intentionally renew the cost. After ThinkPad wants to take over, analytics is much cheaper than IBM.

Although the x300 still has some regrets, but the x300 is still the most perfect Nb at present. We can see that it wants to work with the efforts of the Big Data Lab.

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