ORM Rapid development Platform--WebAPI configuration implementation

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First of all to give you crossing say sorry, niche first write blog. For everyone to bring the reading inconvenience, hope you understand. Thank you.

Faced with a project to Irresolute, most of the functions are similar. At this time our unified action is CTRL + C, CTRL + V.

and the pattern of development for each project is similar. For the data processing this block we handle the most or the SQL script, stored procedure.

For this we all have different project management methods, either using SQL scripts uniformly or using stored procedures uniformly. For post-maintenance, we only need to modify the corresponding execution logic.

So I also do not list, the main idea is, unified management. On-line operation. Provide the appropriate WEBAPI.

The page request process is:

Well, the words are still not much to say, is the hard truth.

For each configured WebAPI, the appropriate usage instructions are provided.

Instructions for use


ORM Rapid development Platform--WebAPI configuration implementation

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