Oschina Monday strum--a dish for a single dog

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How was your weekend? Or how about overtime? Well, whether it is good or bad, you have to start a new day, early in the morning, or the first piece of energy cake to say it!

When you are free, you should learn more English, but some English ads play the position is quite coquettish

@ Ming Xuan Chen :

English something first put edge, as a good programmer, the most important is code

@ Grey Big goat : Chinese good engineer ...

Are there any other programmers in the same misery?

Although we often take the "cock silk" as a pose, but the shot can not be reluctant to spend money ah!

@ Chief of the torn skin : If you want to sleep next to the goddess, don't play with roses.

In fact, there are a lot of people who have stories, that is, a careless, took the road today

@ The fall of the Earth : If not ten years ago took the wrong sister's schoolbag, maybe I am still a bad boy. Still remember that sunny afternoon, our Tsing Lung brothers took out the sword when I took out the little magic wand, I suddenly feel that my eldest brother can not be ...

In fact, the programmer is a very simple group of people

A woman lets his programmer husband go to the store to buy things: you go to a nearby store to buy some bread, if you have eggs, buy 6 back, the husband bought 6 bread back, his wife surprised: why did you buy 6 bread?! The programmer husband replied: Because they have eggs.

For programming languages, programmers can never be vague

Delphi like Jeep, what road can open, but on what road also open not good; PB is like a kart, only on the fixed line, to the outside there is some instability; VC like a sports car, you can't afford to buy, and once the failure, want to repair can not find fault where; Java like Open box car, No matter whether the wind or rain or the sun shines, can be opened without mistake; VB is a motorcycle, the longer you ride, the more you hate it!

Programmers are kind of dating, and they're full of code smells.

Programmer's View of Love: Love is a cycle of death, and once executed it is trapped; in love with a person is a memory leak-you can never release; When you really fall in love with a person, that is the constant limit, never change; a girlfriend is a private variable, only my class can call; a lover is a pointer. Otherwise, it would bring about great catastrophe.

Ten years ago, female: "Sorry, I will not like you, you do not insist, just like to let Linux and Windows run on a PC at the same time, maybe?" "After listening to the boys silently walk away, ten years later, at a virtual technology conference, I heard a virtual technology development programmer told me this story."

Well, don't talk about love, or the alleged cruelty to animals.

Let's talk about food.

11 District A Buddy said, the shop at the door of the chicken steak set sample looks good, he went into a point, can be kind of a come on ... Totally inconsistent.

Tell the little story! Where's the shop?

The most ox x foodie is not a small piece, but a simple face

A watermelon that has been plagued by raccoons ... It looks like a stupid piece of stuff, but it's essentially a destructive master.

Look at this watermelon bite, it's too technical.

In addition to eating, some people are still worried about other things, such as small eyes ...

What kind of experience is a small eye?

It's a pity that the little things can never be felt.

Yesterday, a little knitting at home watching TV, did not expect to see this kind of wearing help lens

"Vertical strike" wears the lens. Can't see the long Bo can see this {? ω-*} look at the word above in Figure 4, is Rene "love you very much" lyrics. So this is to understand the leadership of love ...

It's such a serious thing, Rene know?

Well, in order to vent the resentment of the large number of single dogs, a small set to give you a dish, for single dog prepared OH ~

Tanabata Festival is coming! Make a dish Oh "(<ゝω) ☆via: Care for mentally handicapped children's growth

Cough, the above is purely a joke, a small piece of hope that the single dogs are still early to find the object, of course, a small compilation is also ....

Sweep the following QR code immediately, pay attention to "open source China" number!

(Sweep, follow Oschina, every day to send you a selection of information earlier, and every day Oschina strum OH)

Oschina Monday strum--a dish for a single dog

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