Oschina Thursday strum-where is spring and where is spring?

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Thursday, unconsciously, Thursday came, Friday is not far away, after knowing, Summer came, spring disappeared ... This is a small piece of literary talent is very possible!

Hum hum, after I want to tell, I am a small No. 007 number! They certainly can't guess which one I am. But this is not important, people, the most important thing is happy ~

yesterday's share of the child prodigy shoes, do not grieve not melancholy, this does not have @ sweet potatoes accompany you

@ empty-handed to play the Gray machine : Today I have been very suppressed, China North car sold to the floor, the afternoon trading, Xin ke material sold also limit, Phoenix Media, Haitong Securities sold and rose more than 2 cents. Although I made some money, I felt very uncomfortable .

@ leaf Petals open : After reading today's market, my mood for a long time can not calm ~ ~ pm has been in the re-position of the stock has been reduced by half, the result of the last 10 minutes it incredibly crazy pulled up 5 points, TMD

even if not @ sweet potatoes, we also have a long-standing AH Q Spirit of victory Law!

@ Elloe : It took 800 packs of two young ladies to fight the landlord for a night. Won the 2400. How inspirational!

@ open Source China chief of the tube champion : It took 1500 packs of three young ladies to play mahjong all night. Won the 5000. How inspirational!

@jackben3 : It took 15000 packs of three young ladies to play the game all night. Won the 50000. How inspirational!

@ Salty Clear : compilation, and then make up, I see how you make up

This story is very inspirational, this chicken soup is also quite a compilation!

@ Muse's lover : The Heart Chicken Soup: "Xu Caihou deathbed 24 words, see which sentence you shed tears" 1. When the number second is not a good ending 2. Your struggle story is only the icing on the cake after your success, if you lose, it can only be a joke 3. Say goodnight to her gently every day, and push her to the roll of rolls. 4. I can not make up, you do not look at ...

And the name, can we be normal? Do not want to tease, small weave will fall in love with you ~

@ North _ Wood : Search Nearby WiFi, there is a call squat in grave singing comprehension

@zhuzhu0330 : See a person's network called "Tong Pak-Fu point mosquito coils", laugh side stitches!

Speaking of love, think of the Little Qian @ Ma Xiaoxiao OSC

@blindcat: It dog tithing, change the bug to Hematemesis from day to day. One day, in the vegetable to get a big snail, think foreign bodies, stored in the home. Cichen, see the night before the bug one by one fix, the third to fourth day is also the same, tithing big scary, think God. 5th, tithing catnapping, trance, see a young woman from urn, to the tithing computer, hit the key fly. tithing prance up, catch female arm, way: "Fuck, who let you move my code!" ”

Lun family has a boyfriend, we are still struggling to find the half of life. Speaking of which, welfare is coming!

@coco_ : Help me send small find a male ticket, I hair small 91, 166cm (net height) 52kg, last year graduation now some East do finance. She asked, height of more than 177cm, love clean, not too fat. Do not disturb the sincerity.

See, the OSC must be a program ape essential weapon Ah, what have what, even sister paper are attracted to come!

So, lately, sister papers are active.

@ Wang Liyuan : Today's birthday, wish me a happy birthday

We must seize the opportunity ah, must not miss the ~

@Mr_K: It's a little hath, but I can't find object.

@ Night in the Wind: How far you and I can meet that day the scene can change---------cycle "fate"

Fate said to come, say walk on the go, must be mercilessly catch! Like a ticket, see is going to rob, hesitate a bit ...

recently 12306 children's shoes out of the big recruit, with our OSC learned it, our Team just launched the document collaboration function, they made a "find sweet potato" verification code. We oscer also really understand our hearts, made a 12306 image Verification Code identification test tools to play, to show that the name of a bit dangerous, but also very grounded gas, very able to express the sense of the inability to speak. Especially when you can't buy a ticket.

@ open Source China Anonymous member : I know, as long as there is @ Sweet Potato picture, the recognition rate is high AH. fuck12306

@fordoo : Sweet potato is a mysterious demon realm thing.

@ need for scum : fuck12306, if it appears @ Sweet Potato can you identify your avatar? How to define sweet potato fuck12306

@noonoo : In the future, open source verification is: Please find out all the @ Sweet Potato ? Then you can have six pictures, one of which is the boss photo.

Speaking of the boss, it is easy to identify, must look at the expression ~

The boss's temperament reveals no doubt!

@ Little Dove Grunt:

I think the last one is the most lovely, just stay cute ~ ~ ~

@ Richard-Tyson: Factory under the broad She 11 Hui and the second on the Dan on two and half-Hui 10 20 Zuang under the plant under the She 11 Hui half and the second on the first two and the half-Hui 10 20 Zuang under the plant under the broad She 11 Hui half with the second on the Dan on Two and a half-hui 10 20 Zuang under the factory She 11 Hui and the second on the Dan on two and a half-hui 10 20 Zuang under the plant under the broad Bian Shenqiu 20 ten plant under the wide She 11 Hui half with the second on the two and the semi-hui 10 20 Zuang under the plant under the wide She 11 hui half with this

Envy boss Ah, open-source underwear than we have a few, hey

@be-quiet : I envy you, young people have an open-source underwear belongs to them.

Open source underwear has become one of the good standards of mixing ~

@blindcat : Ask a friend today what is a good mix? He said: "The better the car, the bigger the room, the younger daughter-in -law ..."

But I do not envy this, I envy will open excavator, Lanxiang graduated!

@ Dead Leaves : Someone stole the entire ATM machine with an excavator. This is a kind of insane people have!!! I really regret that I did not go to Beijing University to Blue Cheung ...

@ Little Hunt in platinum : High Salary recruitment Lanxiang graduation Priority

The trend of excavators is not down, just like our clouds, still floating

@e's guru : I came from the clouds, but forgot to carry the parachute ...

@Rayn-Ryan : I can't stand it .... It's so exaggerated!

I can only look at it in a small weave.

@ Yonghe : Oh oh oh oh

Some things are always unexpected, such as you fall from the cloud ...

@ Visitor : Coffee in a coffee shop, a young woman suddenly toward a couple, looking straight at the man, calmly said: "I am pregnant!" "The man's girlfriend first Leng, then gave the man a slap, and then pulled and pulled, even crying, then the young woman calmly said:" I just to remind you, trouble you put the smoke pinch ...

Can you speak a little more directly?   

@huige_yang : When I first knew I had to pay 30 bucks to the source, I actually refused. I talk to the sweet potatoes online, because you can not let me hand in my hand, first, this is not in line with the spirit of open source. Because I do not want to pay the money to go to the meeting, Duang ... I saw the sweet potatoes, very young, very handsome, very diligent ...  So my friends will scold me, only 30 pieces can see sweet potatoes.

@huige_yang : Duang sweet potato too much, he will not kill me?

It seems that oscer have this idea ah, after reading @ 30 pieces of sweet potatoes do not give, this is not good ...

Look at our little Jiejie, more direct.

@ Little Tan : [Email protected] Task Stats ~

[Email protected] is easy to use, it is this way, add the special effects duang~~~

@dareing : ZZ Today to the original landlord to clear the deposit, the old lady in Fujian said young people do not write code do not read Bo, I rub is true! Later to understand the original expression is not to smoke marijuana do not gamble ... Fujian people speak Putonghua so pun who bear ah "

Oh, it's not too early, it's time to eat breakfast.

@ Phi Total : Catering to the Big three.

Today we should not talk about Sancent things, after all tomorrow is Friday ~ ~ ~

@ Richard-Tyson : I'm sorry to add two words in the middle of the saddest

Boys, let's practice.

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Oschina Thursday strum-where is spring and where is spring?

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