OTA (Over-the-air Technology) aerial download Technology

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A short message mechanism, through the mobile phone terminal or server (online) way to implement the business menu dynamic download, delete and update, so that users get personalized information Services value-added service (OTA business)
OTA (Over-the-air Technology) aerial download technology.
It is the technology of remote management of SIM card data and application through the air interface of mobile communication (GSM or CDMA). The air interface can adopt WAP, GPRS, CDMA1X and short message technology. The application of OTA technology enables mobile communication not only to provide voice and data services, but also to provide new business downloads. In this way, the application and content service providers can not be limited by the platform, and constantly develop more personalized services close to the needs of users, such as information on demand, interactive entertainment, location services and banking transactions. Ota air download technology, mobile phone users as long as the simple operation, you can according to personal preferences of the network provides a variety of business menus to use OTA mechanism to download to the mobile phone, and can also customize the specific business according to their own wishes.

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