[Outline] Preliminary Research Outline of the ERP project

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Preliminary survey outline of ERP project
Author: Xu defu

General information

Enterprise address and zip code
• Enterprise telephone and fax
• Enterprise Products and leading product models
• Enterprise output and sales
• Total Number of employees
• Organizational structure. Draw an organizational flow chart to list the personnel, responsibilities, and department managers of each major department.
• Business Scope?
• Business Operation Model?
• Basic information about enterprise Microcomputer Software and Hardware
• Draw a business to indicate the position of key departments such as marketing, sales, production planning, procurement, warehousing, manufacturing, quality, and finance.
• Key business status?
• Basic requirements and expectations?
• Company business strategy and management system documents?
• What problems do you mainly want to solve?
• What are the shortcomings of the existing system?
• Business Flow chart of various departments
• All documents, creden, and reports business form
• Existing MIS system documents
• Existing network topology and network, hardware, and software configurations


General Ledger Management (genera • ledger)
Overall survey content:
1. What is the organizational structure and responsibilities of the Finance Department? Personnel allocation?
2. How many sets of financial accounts does the company have? What is the relationship between them? Is there any internal business?
3. Is the current computer system used?
4. Financial System?
Actual business accounting
1. What is the current accounting subject structure?
2. credential Approval process
3. What foreign currency businesses are there?
4. What is the accounting year and checkout process?
Account Payable)
Overall survey content:
1. What are the relevant payables management systems and process manuals?
2. Is there a dedicated management system? How to connect with the financial system?
Invoice Management
1. Is there any invoice handling policy and process manual?
2. What is the approximate monthly invoice quantity?
3. Have you managed the invoice in detail?
4. Whether the invoice must match the purchase order/receipt form. How is this handled?
5. What should I do with freight and miscellaneous charges?
6. How is the invoice approval and accounting process?
7. What should I do if the goods arrive at the end of the month and the invoice is not delivered? What is the current price?
Payment Management
1. Policy and process manual for payment handling?
2. Are there any payment terms in commercial practice that plan the payment and obtain the discount?
3. What payment methods and procedures are used?
4. Does the payable balance have an aging analysis? How is the aging time divided into time periods?
What are the main reports payable? What is the cycle?
Account receivables)
Overall survey content
1. What are the management systems and procedures manuals for accounting?
2. Is there a dedicated sales management system? How to connect with the financial system?
Supplier Management
1. What are the supplier management details and measures?
2. are suppliers categorized? CATEGORY basis ?.
3. What information does the supplier management system provide?
4. Are you sure you want to manage the RFQ and quotation for the suppliers?
5. Have you assessed the suppliers? What are the metrics?
6. How can I query the supplier's business records and reconcile with the supplier?
Customer Management
1. About the number of customers?
2. How detailed is the customer's management and measures?
3. What is the customer's credit check and control system?
4. What is the customer's reconciliation and collection management?
5. How is the customer's price and discount managed?
6. Are there long-term bulk agreement customers?
Cash management)
Overall survey content
1. Are there any concerns about fund management? BR> 2. Is there a dedicated fund management system? How to connect with the financial system?
Cash management business
1. How to reconcile bank accounts?
2. How to prepare a cash flow statement?
3. Do you want to make cash forecasts?
4. How to develop a company payment plan?
What are the major fund management reports?

Business Section

Order Management)
1. What is the sales organization structure?
2. How to evaluate the sales staff's performance? How to calculate commission?
3. Enterprise Sales Management System.
4. Is there any complete customer information management?
5. What is the specific content of existing customer information? Such as name and address.
6. What is the distribution of the country or region where the customer is located? Is the distribution of major customer regions classified by region?
7. Are customers categorized by certain rules, such as by industry?
8. Are there any group customers, that is, Are there different shipping addresses and invoice shipping addresses for the same customer?
Sales Prediction
1. What is the basis for sales prediction?
2. How to Make a sales prediction?
Sales Contract
1. How is a sales contract formed? What are the current types?
2. How is the sales contract managed?
Sales order
1. How do sales personnel receive orders?
2. How to approve, adjust, and cancel orders?
3. What are the differences between export orders and domestic orders?
Delivery by sales
1. What is the sales network?
2. What information do I log on to when I open a sales ticket?
3. How to develop the delivery plan?
4. Do you want to make a shipping Start Plan for the order to be delivered? Does the plan cover vehicles, freight methods, vehicle volume, and weight?
5. How to confirm delivery?
Sales return
1. Is there any return? How is the return process? How do I control the approval permission?
2. How do I handle the return of sales that have not received the customer's payment?
3. How can I handle the return of sales received from the customer?
Procurement Order)
1. Is the company's current procurement of raw materials directly affected by the material requirements of the production department?
2. How does the company purchase raw materials?
• Purchase by batch
• Procurement based on a single order
• Purchase Based on minimum inventory
3. Procurement Organization Structure
• Composition of procurement personnel
• Procurement responsibilities
• Purchase transfer documents
Supplier Management
1. what are supplier validation principles for procurement?
2. How does the current supplier authentication and management work Work work? What is the responsibility of the Sourcing Department?
3. Are suppliers evaluated? If so, what are the evaluation criteria? Such as price, quality, and service.
4. Is there any complete supplier information management?
5. What are the existing supplier information? Such as name and address.
Procurement Plan
1. How are the planned and unplanned requirements of production generated separately? What is the approval process and permissions of the purchase requisition plan?
2. Have you established a proper management method for the purchase batch or purchase volume for the purchase requisition plan? Who is responsible for controlling the purchased inventory?
3. Are there any adjustments to the purchase requisition plan? What is their approval process?
Procurement application
1. How can I handle the submission, change, and approval of a purchase application?
2. Do I have to submit a purchase application for all purchases first?
Purchase order
1. Are all procurement services executed in the form of standard orders? For fixed (stable) suppliers, is there a package of agreement or framework agreement?
2. How many other purchase orders besides standard purchase orders? Such as contracts and agreements.
3. What is the approval process for a purchase order? What are the permissions of approvers in the approval process?
• Amount limit
• Account restrictions
4. Is there any adjustment after the purchase order is generated? If so, what will happen? What are their processing and approval procedures?
5. Is there an assessment system for the Implementation rate of procurement contracts?
Purchase receipt
1. How long can I import the goods into the warehouse after they are delivered to the warehouse?
2. Check with the purchase order? Who is responsible? Do you know which purchase order and delivery notice correspond to the goods received by the warehouse? How to know?
3. Is the acceptance of Quantity and Quality performed? Who is responsible? What is the quality inspection warehouse receiving process? How to Deal with unqualified materials?
4. What if the number of arrived goods exceeds the order quantity? Is it still in the database? What is the processing process?
5. What is the handling process if the number of arrived goods is less than or the quality is lower than the order requirement?
6. If the arrival time of purchased materials is earlier or later than the arrival time of procurement orders, what is the processing process?
7. What is the processing process if the received materials are not purchased but can be used in place of the purchased materials?
8. When can I think that a purchase order has been completed (for example, after multiple batches of goods have arrived at the customs/arrived at the warehouse/passed the acceptance/warehouse receiving )?
Inventory (Inventory Management)
Inventory Organization
1. Please describe the physical distribution of inventory and what is the logical distinction?
2. Is there any sub-database division?
3. Is database location management implemented in the same sub-database?
Inventory management
1. How to classify inventory materials? Is code management implemented? Such as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, disks, spare parts, and packaging.
2. How to manage half products at different stages?
3. Shelf Life refers to the amount of time a project is put into failure in inventory. Whether the current stock has this restriction.
4. Is version control used for inventory materials? What is the purpose of Version Control?
5. Do stock materials use batch numbers for control?
Inventory plan
1. Do I use a non-MRP plan to generate an item requisition request? If so, specify which one:
• Reorder point
• Max-min stock
• Security Stock
• Prediction
• Others.
Receiving and returning purchased materials
1. What is the receiving process of the warehouse when the Warehouse is purchased for warehouse receiving?
2. Purchase return process?
Receiving and returning external coroutine
1. Is there any external coroutine procurement?
2. How can I describe the inspection and return process of the external coroutine?
Issue and release of production materials
1. How to issue and return materials?
Completion and warehouse receiving of semi-finished products and finished products
1. Does the workshop manage semi-finished products?
2. Is there a dedicated sub-database for storing semi-finished products and products?
3. In the workshop, which of the following method is used to issue semi-finished products and finished products?
Delivery and return of finished products
1. What types of outbound sales? Are there donation and trial forms?
2. Describe the handling type and process of sales return?
Miscellaneous sending and miscellaneous receiving
1. Control over materials received in non-purchase orders and non-sold materials?
2. Does the warehouse enable manual account registration?
Stock material pulling
1. Under what circumstances will materials in stock be transferred?
2. What is the process of transferring materials to/from stock?
Stock material Adjustment
1. Under what circumstances will materials in the warehouse be adjusted?
2. What is the basis for adjusting the existing inventory in the warehouse?
Inventory check
1. how and how to handle material inventory? (Full or spot check, actual or periodic check)
2. Is the check frequency of high-value items the same as that of low-value items? When is the inventory check generally performed?
3. How long is the Reconciliation cycle with finance?
4. What is the warehouse/production/Financial reconciliation?
5. What should I do when the warehouse and production reconciliation quantity are inconsistent?
6. Financial handling of inventory check results?
7. How long is the cycle?
8. What is the bank/production/Financial reconciliation?
9. What should I do when the warehouse and production reconciliation quantity are inconsistent?
10. Financial handling of inventory check results?

Plan Management

1. What is the Department for preparing the production plan?
2. planning cycle?
3. Number of existing scheduler personnel
4. What is the general process of the specified plan?
5. Difficulties in plan formulation?

Production Management

1. Workshop Management Department?
2. What is the flow of work orders in the workshop?
3. What is the approximate number of workshop tickets per month?
4. What is the process of processing and decommission the workshop?
5. How to Deal with the supplemental ticket in the workshop?
6. Solution to workshop Capacity Balance

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