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Outlook2007 not open, prompt: Unable to open default e-mail folder. An unexpected error has occurred.

Outlook cannot open the default e-mail folder. MAPI failed to load information service Mspst.dll, EMSMDB32. Dll. Solving method

1, press "Start", run "CMD", enter the command "CD C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\office14".

2, Input command: "OUTLOOK/IMPORTPRF \.prf".

3, reconfigure Outlook mail, and so on.

First use the above method to solve, if still not, you can try the following small strokes: Find the installation directory, such as my: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\office12\ Locate Mspst.dll or EMSMDB32.DLL in this folder first and then remove the previous backup suffix _BK (also back up the original file). After replacing the file, be sure to press OUTLOOK/IMPORTPRF. \.PRF This command to regenerate a default configuration file. I was in this way to solve the problem, because found a lot of solutions are trying to end the fruit, try to deal with this, incredibly effective, record it!

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