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"Content for the king, outside the chain for the Emperor", SEO the most important is that these two aspects, do a good job of these two points, your site keyword must be ranked the forefront. Today we talk about how to get the best, the most stable outside the chain of resources, first of all, you have to ensure that you can finish the entire whole of the article, because the prerequisite for doing SEO is executive power, if even this can not be done, how can you do? Please calm down to read this article, from the other chain worry-free!

first, the release of soft text to get outside the chain

An SEO master must be a soft master, this most effective method, a successful soft article to bring the number of the chain is not to statistics, now the Internet is popular a word "like to share", if your soft content quality is good enough, it is easy to be reproduced on the thousands of times, this is equivalent to bring you thousands of outside the chain. Note: Soft writing after the release in A5, outdated, Chinaz, such as several mainstream webmaster portal can be, nature will have a lot of people to help you reprint. In addition, Soft wen can also buy, the price is not expensive, we can try.

 Second, the forum posts, the forum signature get outside chain

This is the most used external chain method, tips:

1, do not directly in the Post Riga link, unless you can ensure that the ads are not deleted when the post.

2, the forum signature must see whether can use, can use must use.

3, ' See whether the forum has advertising zones, trading zones, such as allowing the link plate

4, have the application link plate, that must go to apply for a, this certainly will not be deleted.

5, finally, every registration of a forum, must register well: User name, forum PR value, the signature is available and so on information, every day to collect a few can use the forum, a few months later, you will no longer be outside the chain of worry.

  Third, Friendship Link exchange

Friendship links are basically the homepage of the link, the weight is very high, but please remember, before the exchange must check clearly: the other side of the station is K, friendship links whether using nofollow tags or JS call, whether it is illegal content, the site snapshot is recent. Where to find links? Baidu Search Friendship link platform, QQ Group Search links, links can not be too many new stations a day of 1-2, not more than 30, and to stabilize.

  Four, the inquiry class website obtains the outside chain

At present the most fire and the simplest way to get outside the chain, query what? ICP record inquiries, web site value inquiries, WHOIS inquiries, and so on, Baidu search these sites, there are many many, through these sites to query their own website, will get a page, because the weight of these sites is very high, spiders crawl to, even if it is our external chain resources.

  Five, question and answer platform to obtain the outside chain

Questions and Answers platform: Baidu know, Yahoo Knowledge Hall, strange tiger nets, Sina love to ask, search and ask, Tianya question and answer.

Two ways:

1, in the platform to find and their own site-related issues, to help them solve related problems, and naturally add links to our website.

2, register a number of accounts, ask yourself, but remember IP can not be the same, you can cooperate with other webmaster friends, a ask a answer.

In addition Baidu knows the account number is very valuable, have the time can raise the number.

Vi. classification information, recruitment of the Web site to get the outside chain

A lot of classified information sites, 58 with the city, the people net, list, net, Alibaba, HC nets and so on, Baidu search classified information, the top 5 pages can go to see, this kind of site weight is very high, but some do not allow the chain, use before to see, whether there are others can publish successful, how they are released. The same is true for recruiting websites.

 Seven, Business-to-business website to get outside the chain (Enterprise class website must use)

For example, my site is mechanical type, then you can find some mechanical business-to-business Web site, and then build a shop, and release our products, in the publicity at the same time, that is, can attract business, but also increased the chain, it is more than one.

  Eight, blog group Mutual Chain

Blog sprocket, the meaning is to be their own multiple blog wheel link, and then one-way link to you want to eventually promote the target site, so the main goal is to improve the weight of the site, the ranking of the site will naturally be more effective. But this is very physical, and the process of keeping a blog is long, short-term results, to do blog group Mutual chain, the implementation must be strong, and the best is the team operation!

Methods: Register 10 Blogs (sina, NetEase, Sohu, news and so on, blog name and type do not agree, every day, insist on the blog posted 1-2 original articles, adhere to 2-3 months, and then blog a link to blog b, blog b link to blog c, blog c link to blog d, blog d link to the blog A, Then unify the link to your own target site. After the weight of the blog, blog post can be linked to the form of anchor text to their own target station.

 Ix. Network Favorites

Network favorites, also known as Network bookmarks, is a link storage tool for the inconvenience of system favorites. The reason why we emphasize the chain of network favorites is because now many people only know how to do blog, the outside of the forum chain, lack of diversification, such a chain is extremely unnatural. And if the search engine to determine your outside the chain is not normal, it is likely to your site to reduce the right or the effect of these outside the chain. So Web favorites are one way to diversify your chain. This side in addition to Baidu search hidden, search collection, and so there are many web bookmarks, we can go to try.

  Ten, purchase link

Purchase link is to do the most common SEO black hat method, can bring a lot of outside the chain in a short time, do Taobao weight loss drug Wowawowa that Buddy is relying on buying links to start, buy link skills, find formal purchase, and in the major webmaster portal has advertising that several,

Note: New station do not buy, pay attention to the rhythm when buying, do not buy 1 today, buy 10 tomorrow, and buy a link is a long-term thing, bought can not stop.

11, the use of competitor analysis to find links

You can search through Baidu "domain: Competitor URL." This can also see your competitors outside the chain is where to come, the same extrapolate, you can also see some SEO master, see their outside chain is how to come, so you can collect a lot of good outside the chain of resources. Find out other people's chains and learn how to get them out of the chain.

Finally, SEO is a very need to carry out the work, do the chain you can not do 100 today, tomorrow do 10, the next day do not do, so easy to fall right, a qualified seoer must do their daily work plan, strictly according to the plan to do. See these, you still do not know how to get outside the chain, then you come to "outside the chain Navigation network" http://www.pubkk.com, this site pro-Test 99,999 outside the chain of resources have been released. The webmaster qq:404179833, welcome to the Webmaster Friend money to communicate!

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