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Is there an airline called sunrise in the world?
Why does touma destroy the scene?
Is the door or mirror behind shuu?
Is Luna Japanese or Chinese? Why do Chinese (or Chinese) banners appear on the walls?
What is the bandage on touma's arm?
Touma: What about wearing a sweater in the summer? Really heat-resistant ......
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In the rumor, when I caught up with Luna, the camera was moved to the opposite building and then the face looked down by Luna. In this case, Luna had already gone to the room on the opposite floor, it's too fast for you to escape from Luna.
It was still a rumor. When xiuhe hit the light wheel, the light Wheel Cut towards the building, but the building was split and collapsed by vertical bars. orz
After they fell into the trap of the corpse, Luna inserted the dagger on the stone wall. What is the dagger ...... In addition, when she wants to move, the dagger is pulled out of the wall, and people can still stick to the wall ...... Spider ...... Orz
When he sat in Mr Chen's shop, his hat had been hung on the back of the chair, but after receiving the food, he put his hat in his hand and showed them that they had returned to the back of the chair ...... Don't you get tired of that ...... (Two of the most hilarious times in the rumor, one is to see so much food on the table, and the other is to see orz from Liao)
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Brilliant emperor:
Why does Shin need to change the pants passed in to a shirt?
Why are there still no scars on the face when all the Seiji helmets are crushed?
Why is the shin diving and mukara praying posture simply carved out of a model?
Ryou: What are trousers made? My clothes are broken, and my pants have no scars ......
Ryou: My clothes are broken. Why are there no injuries to my body?
Ryou: now that your clothes are rotten, why don't you just take them off and wait for someone else to give you a try?
Ryou: What does armor do? Elasticity? It was obviously concave and recovered when Naria woke up?
Mukara? ^
Shuu: How do you know that Ryou's clothes are broken, so I brought a set more to Africa?
Five people: Are you in summer or autumn?
Touma: Since it's a navigator, why don't you sit in the back seat instead?
Not sure: Tanzania is also on the left?
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Legend of the glorious emperor, it was summer. They wore not only summer clothes, but also more than one orz.
After mkara was armed, the ankle and wristbands were all there, but the skirts were gone, that is ............ Khan ............
The legend of the brilliant emperor said that when xiuhe pretended to fall down the river, he threw a stone and hid himself. However, none of them were just those above them, don't forget that they were attacked on the bridge. Isn't there anyone on the opposite side seeing the show and the rope hanging ...... And when the show rushed out, it was about 9 when Liao and Zheng Shi fell victim to mkara and fell to the ground ...... Crying ............ |
Bytes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ryou: How did you go to Shinjuku? Actually, nasti cannot drive you ...... I want to say that you have used the power of armor. Do you have to wear armor or inner armor? Isn't it obvious that TV was wearing a coat for the first time ......
Five people: Are your armor plates able to perceive events differently? Ryou can feel the problem of armor when you are in the villa of nasuidi and go to Shinjuku. This should be very close to touma of the villa of nasuidi (otherwise it won't be used for pure two, will it ?) But I don't know what's going on? Seiji is more exaggerated, but he said in Sendai ...... Sendai is far away from Tokyo than the middle Lake ...... There are also shuu and shin. I don't know if you two are surfing there. Isn't it too far? There is no such thing as a sensation. Is it simply being broadcast, not armor ...... When I heard the broadcast, I went there. Now, Ryou and mukara have been working on it ...... It's not too late. Doesn't it prove that you two are closest to Shinjuku ......
Seiji: When did armor notify you? In other words, how did you go to Shinjuku? If the distance is 350 kilometers, will it always run on two legs? It seems that you haven't heard that your armor has the function of instantaneous migration? It takes more than two hours for the shinkansen to go from Sendai to Shangye? It takes more than half an hour to get a tram from Nakano to Shinjuku? From your home to the Sendai station ...... Isn't it a small half an hour? In other words, do you receive notifications of armor at least three hours ago?
Ah, let's go back and drive from Shanzhong lake to Shinjuku ...... It may take more than three hours ...... Ryou is also capable ......
Mukara: Well, the pattern on your chest ...... Are you sure you didn't plagiarize touma?
Ah, you don't know what I'm talking about? Good ...... First, paint your pattern in blue. Then, add a small blue diamond in the blank space on the left. Well, it's almost as big as the one on the right ...... Well, use Gray to draw a ripple on the upper and lower sides of the diamond ...... Well, please tell me what is the difference between this pattern and that on touma? Except that the background color is black or not white ......

How did shuu suddenly run with Seiji?
Ryou spent a few days outside?
Ryou: I wear so many clothes in summer. In spring, I wear short sleeves?


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