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On the hardware we can overclocking, such as the Celeron II553 to 800, software on the Win2000, we can also overclocking, the author accumulated some experience in practice, through the following steps to optimize the adjustment of Win2000, can greatly improve the Win2000 speed, so that you feel stable, safe, The Win2000 of the speed of the hurricane.

I. Optimizing the HARDWARE Environment

1. Optimize CMOS Setup

When the machine starts to boot, the system detects hardware such as memory, IDE channel, and can turn off unused IDE channels, USB devices and other hardware, do not do memory detection, optimize CMOS settings to speed up.

Set the following method in the CMOS:


CMOS Project


BIOS Features Setup

Quick Power On Self Test

Enable so that no more than 1MB of memory and IDE hard drives are detected

Boot Sequence

Set to C,A,SCSI, first boot from C disk

Boot up Floppy Seek

Disabled, do not search for floppy drive at startup

DRAM ECC Checking

Disabled, do not perform ECC detection

Chipset Features Setup


8NS, memory speed to the fastest 8ns (such as your memory is not supported to reduce the corresponding grade)


2, the memory speed is set to the fastest-2 (if your memory is not supported then reduce the corresponding grade)

agp-2x/4x Mode

Enable, open AGP2X or 4X display mode

Integrated Peripherals

IDE Primary Slave UDMA

Disabled, close the IDE Channel 1 from disk (assuming only the main disk of the two IDE channels is used below)

IDE Secondary Slave UDMA

Disabled, close the IDE Channel 2 from disk

USB Controller

Disabled, USB device not used

In the CMOS

Then in the CMOS in the cache open, and finally save exit.

< >
2. Temporarily disable unwanted peripherals

Temporarily disabling some peripherals can reduce the number of peripheral drivers to be transferred when the system starts, thus speeding up the startup speed. WIN2000 will automatically scan for hardware changes before starting up, if you turn off a peripheral power, it will automatically uninstall the peripheral driver, so that the system is optimized (and Win9x is very stupid, after installing the system, even if you have not used a peripheral, it will also start the peripheral driver). It is recommended that you turn off the unused peripheral power before the system starts, so that the Win2000 does not boot into its driver to speed up startup. It is also easy to re-enable a peripheral: turn on the peripheral power, perform "Scan hardware changes" in Device Manager, or turn on the peripheral power before the system starts.

For peripherals that do not have a power switch, such as floppy disk controllers, optical drives, and redundant serial ports, can be temporarily disabled in Device Manager (as shown in red). The method is:

Right-click the My Computer/properties/hardware/Device Manager, select the peripherals that you want to deactivate, and clicking the Deactivate button on the menu.

To re-enable a peripheral (such as a floppy drive): Select the peripherals you want to enable, click the Enable button on the menu

3, cancel the system detection serial port, speed up the starting speed

Open the Boot.ini file and modify the contents of the [operating systems] section as follows:

[Operating Systems]

multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \windows= "Microsoft WINDOWS Professional"/fastdetect/noserialmice

This will not detect the serial port at startup, which shortens the startup time.

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