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Recently I spent a lot of time researching Google AdSense and AdWords, for this also to the author of the blog moved several times, and even spend money to buy space and domain name. A summary of the Australian Chinese blog and AdSense ads is as follows: Today, Australia's Chinese population is not to be underestimated, especially in Sydney and Melbourne two cities. The current status of Australian Chinese blogs should be representative in the study of overseas Chinese blogs.

There are a lot of free blogging platforms at the moment. For example: WordPress and Google's blogger.wordpress free platform can not be inserted AdSense advertising code. Bloggers have their own AdSense advertising module, do not need to insert code, for a writer without technical background is simple and easy.

It's best to think twice about using a popular blogger in a Chinese blog. Writing a blog outside the wall means giving up a lot of readers in the country. The base of overseas netizens is not comparable with that in China. Although many cases of blogging from the habit of talking to themselves, but since the written, a little more people look better than the cold. Therefore, the author is a lot of Chinese bloggers overseas either use the Domestic Sina blog, Sohu Blog, or buy their own space and domain name. The latter need to spend time and money for maintenance, but with embedded AdSense advertising conditions.

If Overseas Chinese blog access is from the domestic, AdSense advertising strategy should be with other Chinese blog not too big difference. If the reader is mostly abroad, then the situation of doing AdSense ads and domestic blog is very different.

Google AdWords Ads are regional, that is, the same size AdSense advertising module, in Sydney to see the content of the ads and Shanghai to see the difference. At the same time, Google AdSense ads and language-related, in Chinese writing blog on the display of most of the ads are Chinese ads. Therefore, in the flow unchanged, and the position and style of advertising fixed, the number of clicks and the price of the ads are basically affected by the location of the readers to advertise the quality of Chinese advertising and competition.

Take Sydney as an example, there are very few commercial Chinese advertising. And because the local netizens and the base of the display channel are also very small, the advertisement display mostly not with the key words hook. This created an interesting phenomenon, the major forums and AdSense blog to see the ads are similar. The last two months, hanging in the first is always them God * Party, the second is a group buying network. The lack of advertising content is the click-through poison, see everywhere is the same face, who still interested to click to learn more details? On the other hand, since advertising has nothing to do with content, bloggers do not need to accommodate keywords when writing.

English advertising keywords online are higher prices, dozens of of dollars a click is there. So there is a webmaster even came up with automatic machine translation to generate English keywords of the crooked idea. Overseas Chinese blogs, naturally, also show Chinese advertisements. Or in Sydney, for example, businesses put AdSense advertising price competition is not fierce, so I now understand the advertising price ranging from $0.05-$0.60, not more than the domestic Chinese keywords to expensive. Not to mention relative prices, compared with local prices and other advertising channel prices.

Although the above analysis is to pour cold water on overseas Chinese blog, but also to convey a very useful information: overseas market for Chinese niche businesses to Google AdWords ads Chinese advertising price is very high. A lot of show is not money, click the price is so low. This should be the golden age of "exploiting" forum owners and bloggers for the advertising party.

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