Overtime on a long-overdue Sunday

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Work overtime today on Sunday, from ten o'clock A.M..

Although there was no overtime, the leaders paid for meals for lunch and dinner.


I have not worked overtime for a long time. Even if you work overtime on your own,

When I was on a business trip, I occasionally caught up with documents and wrote them to the hotel at two or three o'clock;

It is much better than outsourcing.

At that time, it was impossible to complete outsourcing without working overtime. The outsourcing industry itself solved the problem with low-cost labor.

Especially outsourcing to Japan, the Japanese have been operating for so many years,

Training a large number of purchase offices and a large number of small domestic companies,

A large number of Japanese proficient in outsourcing control have also been developed;

From the process to the quality, we have managed and controlled very well.

At that time, I would rather go to Japan for a business trip to work overtime than work overtime in China.

I remember one of them:

After a few months of work, I reported dinner overtime subsidies to the Minister,

The minister looked at the documents and did not look at me. Q: Have you really eaten it?

At that time, I was no longer young, and the fire came up,

Then press it down slowly and never talk;

At that time, the Organization was boring even if the benefits were good.


In fact, this overtime meal supplement does not cost much, but only reflects several problems:

1. Outsourcing has no profit, saving money on teeth;

2. There must be mixed overtime meals for outsourcing to Japan;

3. Which of the following Ministers can save the hard-earned money of others and attach them to replenish themselves;

This can only cause several problems:

1. Don't pay for dinner during overtime;

2. I don't want to report it;

3. Love reports are not reported, and I do not add them;

4. No more;


When talking about overtime, you can talk a long way. For example, buying an office is the most hateful,

Even if there is, it is reasonable. Go home, and the sun rises as usual tomorrow,

You have to go to work.


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