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In integrated wiring, the distribution frame is one of the indispensable wiring equipment. Although engineers in the Integrated Wiring industry have different opinions on its role in the specific construction and maintenance process, however, they all agree that they are indispensable in integrated wiring. As you can imagine, if a network administrator faces a data center with no distribution frames and points exceeding 400, the management tasks that a network administrator faces are amazing or even impossible.

Because Integrated Wiring uses the same interface and the same transmission medium to transmit different information, we need to connect the patch frames with different information to achieve this goal. The distribution frame function is simply the connection hub in the Integrated Wiring System. It provides flexible transfer, flexible distribution, and integrated and unified management of transmission signals, making the connection of the entire equipment room look beautiful and clean, the network administrator can easily manage the entire network.

In general, we can divide the distribution frame into copper distribution frame and optical cable distribution frame.

Generally, the optical distribution frame does not contain optical fiber coupler. It must be equipped with a number of coupler according to the actual engineering requirements, and the air port is shielded by dust-proof covers such as 1 ).

Rotary Optical Fiber Distribution Frame copper distribution frame is a product widely used in integrated wiring and distribution systems and main voice systems. It can be divided into three levels:

The lowest level is the distribution frame that cannot be disassembled by the fixed module. Once the rear of a port is broken, the distribution frame can only replace the port and connect it to another end, as shown in figure 2 ).

Module One-Way detachable copper cable distribution frame

The third layer is a two-way detachable distribution frame. After the cabling is completed, the modules can be removed from the front end. for normal maintenance, you only need to use a simple tool to remove the corresponding modules from the front end and replace them. 4 ).


Bidirectional detachable copper cable distribution frame

Speaking of RJ45 interface copper distribution frames, there is still a history. At the end of 1980s, when integrated wiring entered China, the transmission rate was very low and there were only three types of cables. Therefore, the wiring system had only 110 distribution frames, either a horizontal subsystem or a main subsystem, all use this system, mainly used together with the large logarithm of the cable, small size, high density, low price. With the continuous development of technology, cat5e, cat6, and cat7. Moreover, it is further subdivided into shielding and non-shielding, and the network port is also close to the RJ45 interface. Therefore, the wiring system used for end-to-end connection has evolved into a distribution frame system of 19 inch RJ45. The backend cabling adopts the 110 terminal connection mode, and all the front ends are RJ45 ports for jumper wiring.

The wiring system works with the cable management frame to deliver good results at the initial stage of construction, as shown in Figure 5 ).

Clean Wiring System

However, with the passage of time, as the Administrator continuously modifies the jumper, the entire jumper will be completely invisible, such:

Chaotic distribution frame front jumper

Therefore, this poses a challenge to the network administrator for the management of the entire data center. Various solutions have emerged, and some people have proposed the use of the electronic distribution frame system, the use of the smart wiring system to solve this problem seems to be a bit suspected of killing chicken with a knife. The two-way detachable distribution frame provides a cheap solution to solve this problem, although it cannot be called a perfect solution.

Next, let's take a look at this distribution frame. For example, we can clearly see the structure of the front-end card connecting block. The two above and the following are one clip, and the clip is solid.

Front-end panel card structure

This distribution frame allows easy assembly of six shield modules, such:

Figure 8 The distribution frame can be used with 6 shielding modules

The cat6 shielding module is quite fit with the distribution frame and has no looseness or gaps. For example:

Figure 9 assembly of 6 shielding modules completed

We can imagine that all the cables have been laid, 24 modules have been assembled, and the distribution frame has been loaded into the cabinet. Now we need to change it. How can we disassemble the modules and cables? Backward operations are obviously impossible, but where is the agency that moves forward? What tools are needed? For example:

0 prepare the front panel for disassembly

Originally, the removed organ was hidden in the label box, inserted into the small groove inside the label box with a word screwdriver, gently pressed down, and the front panel and module came down together. For example:

1. A screwdriver is inserted into the small slot behind the label frame.

2 front-end disassembly complete

After the disassembly is complete, you can change the relevant modules. For example

3. Change related modules

Through the demonstration of the entire construction process, we can clearly see the overall design idea of two-way detachable distribution frame and the convenience it provides during the construction process. As the concentration of the entire network node, the manufacturing technology and design concept of the distribution frame will inevitably have an increasing impact on the preliminary construction and maintenance upgrade of the Integrated Wiring.

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