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Introduction to CHM-Software Tools

Chinese name
: CHM e-book production software
English name
: CHM-Software
: Tool highlights

Introduction to the CHM File

The CHM file is a Help File System Based on the html file feature launched by Microsoft in 1998 to replace the earlier WinHelp help system, in Windows 98, CHM files are called "Compiled HTML Help Files ". Internet Explorer supports JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, Java Applet, Flash, html image files (GIF, JPEG, PNG), audio and video files (AU, MIDI, WAV, AVI) CHM also supports and can be associated with the Internet through the URL address.
In windows 98 and later versions, the CHM File runtime program (hh.exe, 27 K) is part of the operating system, which controls Web browsers that support ActiveX components (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later) to explain and run the elements in the CHM file, the advantage is that the CHM file can be run across platforms, as long as there are runners and browsers on different platforms, the CHM file does not need to be re-compiled and used directly. In the operating system of different languages, the CHM file will automatically display the menu of the corresponding language.

Software in the collection package:

"Visual CHM"
Is a very convenient tool for making CHM files, complete visual operations. Multiple compilation attributes make the CHM file very professional. Those who like to make e-books and collect online articles are worth a try.

It is a multi-language CHM production software that supports most CHM function settings, and external language packs can easily support more languages. Is really wysiwyg chm File production software, built-in simple and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web editor, so that you do not have to switch between the two software, you can use only one software to create a CHM File. The Software saves and reads data in hhp format, enhancing the versatility of the software. Enhanced The Decompilation function. After decompilation, you can directly use QuickCHM to read files, making work easier.

"Easy CHM"
It is a powerful CHM e-book or CHM Help File quick production tool launched by Guohua software. Three steps are required to use EasyCHM to create a CHM. 1. If you specify a directory, EasyCHM automatically imports all directories and files. 2. Set the CHM compilation option; 3. Start production. EasyCHM is very suitable for individuals and organizations to produce high compression ratio web pages with full-text search and highlighted search results, CHM help files, professional product descriptions, company introductions, and CHM e-books.
Main product features:
Fully automated directory and file import (including sub-Directories );
Allows you to import any file type;
The CHM directory list is automatically generated and all directory items are automatically generated;
Automatically add multi-level numbers to the CHM directory list;
Change the icons in the CHM directory in batches;
Supports batch search and replacement of titles and text of multiple levels of directories;
Allows you to specify line N of a text file to automatically extract the title;
Easy-to-use directory Editor;
The rich and practical CHM production options help users create more personalized professional CHM e-books or CHM help files.
Embedded CHM decompilation tool.
Automatically generate the output Alias and Map header files.

"CHM e-book batch anti-compiler" (ChmDecompiler)
Is a tool for decompiling CHM e-book source files, you can quickly release all source files (including webpages, texts, images, CHM files, zip files, and exe files) included in the CHM ebook ), in addition, the full directory structure and file name of the source file are restored perfectly to help the user obtain the source file for data recovery or secondary editing. Multiple decompilation methods are provided for you to choose from: You can release only one file and any directory in the CHM e-book, or you can release all files in the CHM. In addition, the registration version of "CHM e-book batch anti-compiler" (chmdecompiler) supports batch operations. At the same time, chmdecompiler can also be used as a CHM e-book reader, which is one of the characteristics of this software: users can browse and read CHM e-books and choose to release their desired files. After running "CHM e-book batch decompiler" (chmdecompiler), right-click any CHM e-book in the resource manager and select "open with chmdecompiler" in the pop-up menu ", the program runs immediately and opens the CHM e-book selected by the user, which is very convenient and quick.

"ABC Amber CHM converter"
Is a powerful document processing tool that can help you batch convert CHM electronic documents to 29 electronic document formats, such as PDF, RTF, HTML, Doc, txt, and MCW, it also has built-in support for nearly 50 languages, including support for simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. In addition, the program also supports 40/128 bits encryption for converted PDF electronic documents!

It is a tool used to decompile the EXE e-book source files produced by ebook workshop (ebook factory). It can quickly decompile all the source files included in the EXE e-book, in addition, the full directory structure and file name of the source file are restored perfectly to help the user obtain the source file for data recovery or secondary editing. Unebookworkshop supports batch operations. You only need to specify a directory containing the EXE e-book. unebookworkshop automatically decompile the files that meet the specified directory at one time.

"Cool book Manufacturing"
It is very convenient to package images, HTM files, TXT files, and MHT files in batches into an EXE file and become an electronic book with images and texts. The generated e-books automatically generate keyword queries according to the directory. You can add bookmarks flexibly when reading.
For the convenience of users, the software also provides the function of batch conversion of images, HTM files, TXT files, and MHT files.

"CHM production genie"
Is a software that converts HTML documents (web files) into HTML Help documents (CHM files). It is a collection of HTML Help Workshop project creation, a chm e-book production software that provides various functions such as Directory, index writing, and project compilation. The HTML Help document created in combination with HTML Help Workshop is even better. Welcome to use "CHM production Genie" to create more CHM e-books !!! Note: the installation is only supported by the VB6 Runtime Library (msvbvm60.dll.

"Youyi document software"
It is a simple and functional e-book production tool, Data Management Assistant, a good tool to help file production, simple and practical multi-coal courseware production software... supports batch import of HTM, Word, Excel, slides, PDF, CHM, EXE, txt, and RTF files on webpages. The software is a green software that can be directly used without installation. The electronic instruments produced with the software can directly generate executable files for reading on any computer. The software adopts the window style, directory tree structure management, WYSIWYG design concept, and does not require complex conversion or compilation. It is easy to use and can be used to add or delete directory trees freely, you can edit the document content and change the font size and color as you like. The software constantly absorbs the advantages of similar software, and has unique and innovative functions and design. It adopts a hybrid Index algorithm and data storage adopts its own compression format, the unique multi-text hyperlink feature allows you to edit imported webpages. It supports conversion between documents in different formats, such as Word documents, webpages, and texts. Uses a multi-level distributed encryption algorithm, and the interface supports personalized design such as skin. The document can be modified after an executable file is generated.

"Friends of scholars 2005"
It is a comprehensive tool for , document management, making, browsing, online reading, voice reading, digital copyright protection, and protection of CD publications. It is an integrated electronic document processing platform from early , mid-term production to post-release. It is easy to create multi-purpose folder files for books and friends. It can not only generate e-book files and e-book applications, but also be used as favorites, diaries, laptops, material libraries, even albums and albums; the generated efficient and convenient section-type e-book file contains streaming media features that can be downloaded and read while providing comprehensive digital copyright protection. Therefore, the software can meet the needs of different users. Features:
★Main production and editing functions★
-Supports multiple text files, multiple image files, and HTML/SHTML files as Chapter content, provides comprehensive "WYSIWYG" content editing functions for different chapter types;
-Floating drag window: supports dragging multiple types of images, text files, and webpage files, and data containing text or image information, which is input into the current file. It can also be used to open files and open online reading;
-Clipboard monitoring: This function detects changes in the Clipboard data. The background obtains text and Image Information and enters the file.
-CHM support: You can directly convert a CHM file that cannot be directly edited into a multi-purpose folder file that can be modified as needed.
-The text speech reading function can be used for speech verification.
-The prepared ebook and e-book application can contain the author's banners (LOGOs), background music, and other personalized information.
-Provides external interfaces to plug in more external programs (gain programs) to improve software functions.
★Main reading functions★
-The e-book files are segmented and compressed. Therefore, e-book files with streaming media features can be read online (you can open and view the downloaded content while downloading );
-The file can generate the initial personalized Exe application;
-The illustration page has multiple image display modes and supports scaling.
-Text Speech reading function: not only can you watch books, but you can also listen to books !!! In addition, the text can be output as an audio file.
-Provides an intelligent reading mode that automatically hides/displays directories.
★Main protection functions★
-Digital Copyright Protection: This function allows you to benefit your electronic information and make different e-books produced by different authors, in the computer of different readers, a unique library card file is required for reading, and a batch of e-books made by the same author can be read by the same reader by only one library card file, this allows readers to issue e-library cards on a quarterly or yearly basis.
-Protection against refresh protection for CD publications: effectively protects small-batch production electronic publications, so that the files in pirated CDs that others may flip cannot be opened and read.
-You can add an open password for folder files to protect your privacy.

Younger brother recently released some self-made CHM e-books in the resource area. Many friends asked about the related production software. I searched for it in VC and found that most of the software was filed, therefore, the collection of 10 commonly used software tools was released, hoping to help!
Each software has a different interface, but the operation method does not differ much. It is recommended to use:
"Visual CHM", "QuickCHM", "Easy CHM"


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