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As a popular cross-platform document format, PDF has become an industrial standard for digital information. However, if you want to read or process PDF files temporarily and do not want to download and install large applications Program , Has the following online tools to fully cope.

PDF online reading class:
1, too menot
A website that provides online pdf reading and sharing services. After opening the website, you can upload the PDF file you want to read on the network or from your local computer. It also provides basic operations such as Zoom In or out, turning pages, and so on for readers to read. Pdfmenot also provides a URL address and a JSCodeTo facilitate your sharing with others.

2, issuu
It is also an online pdf e-book reading and sharing service website with good visual effects. It can convert simple PDF e-books into electronic magazines with smooth pages. After opening the website, register an account and click "upload documents" to upload the PDF document as prompted. After the upload is complete, check your mailbox and click "Open Document. In the same way, issuu provides a separate URL address and a piece of HTML code for embedding an external webpage to your uploaded PDF e-book, allowing you to easily share files with others.

3. Use the conversion function provided by the search engine. For example, Baidu, Google, and other search engines can be used to search for PDF files, which can be converted to HTML-format webpages for online reading.

Online pdf editing and conversion:
1, pdfescape

Supports online tagging and editing of PDF files. Only PDF files smaller than 2 MB and less than 50 pages are supported. Ajax technology, loading fast. You can only open and edit PDF files locally or on the network. You cannot create a PDF file from a blank one.

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2. pdf search

Search for free documents in various formats, including PDF. You can read documents online without having to install a pdf reader. The PDF-to-text conversion service is provided.

Search results. The buttons on the right provide the PDF file download, browsing, and text conversion functions.

3. pdf Hammer

PDF merge online. Multiple PDF files can be merged; any page of a PDF can be adjusted to any location; different files can be marked with different colors, and the original pages and the adjusted pages will be displayed; supports document encryption. The interface is quite friendly.
In addition to these features, the website also provides online conversion of PDF to word; online conversion of PDF to excel; more than 300 different types of files (the number of files claimed by the website) the free tool for converting to PDF to primopdf for download. If you don't want to download this tool, it doesn't matter. It also has an online version: primopdf online, supports online conversion of locally uploaded files or webpages contained in any URL to PDF.

4, on-line pdf Form Filler

An online pdf filling tool. Used to deal with PDF surveys. As a temporary pdf reader. It is time-consuming to re-transmit data from the server during page turning.

5. htm2pdf

Converts a webpage to a PDF file, which can contain the flrated animation and keeps the link clickable. However, during the test, my website was not stable. Three times in a row, my blog showed Conversion failed-Please try again.

6. RSS 2 PDF

When this service came out, many people reported that RSS was burned into PDF files. Unfortunately, errors occur frequently during testing and cannot be used properly.

7, vector magic

Friends who are interested in Internet services must be familiar with this online app. It is used to convert images into vector formats, and provides converted PDF downloads, which is also a special PDF tool.

8. pdf Converter

The website also supports converting files uploaded locally (67 file formats supported) to PDF, converting webpages to PDF, and converting PDF to word & Excel files.

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