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Paging components:

    /// <summary>    ///Paging Component/// </summary>     Public classPagerhelper {/// <summary>        ///Paging Component/// </summary>        /// <param name= "urlfmt" >URL format: newsindex_{pagenum}.shtml</param>        /// <param name= "TotalSize" >total number of bars</param>        /// <param name= "pagesize" >number of bars per page</param>        /// <param name= "CurrentPage" >Current Page</param>        /// <returns>Sub-page subscript</returns>         Public StaticRawstring Pager (stringURLFMT,LongTotalSize,LongPageSizeLongcurrentpage) {             //urlfmt = newscontroller.ashx?action=list&pagenum={pagenum}//newsindex_{pagenum}.shtml            LongTotalpagecount = (Long) math.ceiling ((TotalSize *1.0/pagesize));//Total Pages            LongPagebuttom =4;//8 Page Labels            LongFirstPage = Math.max (Currentpage-pagebuttom,1);//first page label            LongEndPage = math.min (currentpage + pagebuttom, totalpagecount);//last page labelStringBuilder SB=NewStringBuilder (); if(firstpage>1)//If you do not traverse to the first page            {                stringurl = urlfmt.replace ("{Pagenum}","1"); Sb. Append ("<li><a href= '"). Append (URL). Append ("' > Home </a></li>"); }             for(Longi = FirstPage; I <= endpage; i++)            {                stringurl = urlfmt.replace ("{Pagenum}", i.ToString ()); if(i = =currentpage) {sb. Append ("<li class= ' active ' ><a>"). Append (i). Append ("page </a></li>"); }                Else{sb. Append ("<li><a href= '"). Append (URL). Append ("' >"). Append (i). Append ("page </a></li>"); }            }            if(EndPage < Totalpagecount)//If you do not traverse to the last            {                stringurl = urlfmt.replace ("{Pagenum}", totalpagecount.tostring ()); Sb. Append ("<li><a href= '"). Append (URL). Append ("' > Last </a></li>"); }            return Newrawstring (sb.)        ToString ()); }    }

Press List paging One-click static:

  Public voidAllnewsliststatic (HttpContext context) {#regionPress List paging one-click staticadminhelper.checkhaspower (Context,"News One-click Static"); stringCategoryidstr = context. request["CategoryID"]; intCategoryID =Volidhelper.checkstrtoint (CATEGORYIDSTR); Td_newscategory newscate= (td_newscategory) myorm_bll. Selectmodelbyid (typeof(Td_newscategory),1, CategoryID); LongPageSize =Ten;//set the number of pages per page            LongTotalSize = Myorm_bll. Selectcountbyfield (typeof(Td_news),1,"categoryid="+ CategoryID);//Total number of news articles            LongTotalpagecount = (Long) math.ceiling (TotalSize *1.0/pagesize);//Total Pages             for(Longi =1; I <= Totalpagecount; i++)//Traverse each page            {                //for each page, get the news collection under that categorylist<td_news> list =NewNEWSBLL (). Selectnewsbycategoryidandrownum (CategoryID, (I-1) * pagesize +1Ipagesize); stringcshtml = razorhelper.razorparsehtml (Context,"~/news/newsliststatic.cshtml",New{CategoryID=CategoryID,, Newses=list, TotalSize=TotalSize, pagesize=pagesize, CurrentPage=i}); //Static                stringPathpre = configurationmanager.appsettings["Viewstaticdirecpre"];//Path Prefix                stringFullPath = pathpre + CategoryID +"\\newsIndex_"+ i +". shtml";//Full path                stringDIR =Path.getdirectoryname (FullPath); if(!directory.exists (dir))                {directory.createdirectory (dir);            } file.writealltext (FullPath, cshtml); } adminhelper.recordoperatelog (Context,"The News list is statically initialized with the following categories:"; Context. Response.Redirect ("/news/newscontroller.ashx?action=list&categoryid="+CategoryID); #endregion        }

The statement that is queried according to RowNum:

/// <summary>        ///get a news collection between the specified rownum according to the category ID in no order/// </summary>        /// <param name= "CategoryID" >Category ID</param>        /// <param name= "Startnum" >rownum Start number</param>        /// <param name= "Endnum" >rownum End Number</param>        /// <returns>Specify a news collection between RowNum</returns>         PublicList<td_news> Selectnewsbycategoryidandrownum (LongCategoryIDLongStartnum,Longendnum) {            stringsql =@"SELECT * FROM (select Row_number () over (order by NO ASC) Num,id,no,status,categoryid,c  Reateby,createdate,lasteditby,lasteditdate,deleteby,deletedate,title,content from TD_NEWS where Status=1 and Categoryid=:categoryid) T where T.num>:startnum and T.num<:star Tnum"; DataTable DT= Oraclehelper.executereader (SQL,NewOracleParameter () {parametername =": CATEGORYID", Value =CategoryID},NewOracleParameter () {parametername =": Startnum", Value =Startnum},NewOracleParameter () {parametername =": Startnum", Value =endnum}); List<TD_NEWS> list =NewList<td_news>(); foreach(DataRow rowinchdt. Rows) {td_news NEWS=Rowtomodel (row); List.            ADD (news); }            returnlist; }

Pager sub-page

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