Painter hand-painted handsome supercar car sedan car

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For your painter software users to detailed analysis to share the hand-painted handsome car sedan car tutorial.
Tutorial list:
1, in the painter of the new size of 2362x1772, the rate of 300 per cent of the canvas. New thread layer line up. Press "V" key to switch to line tool, draw the car's straight part, curve part can use the path tool painting, here I choose freehand painting, here can see the performance of the friend substrate is very good. Then erase the extra parts and the line is drawn and finished.

2, the new Layer property selection overlay, with a digital pen to spray the car's dark color, the general distinction between the various surfaces.

3, the new layer, continue to use the digital pen to choose white to deal with the car's bright side and high light, where the intensity of light to adjust the size of the brush and pen pressure.

4, press "N" key to switch to eraser, erase the overflow of white, reflect each face and face of the transition. Create a new layer and use the scraper tool in the pen tool to draw the car's glass and some dark parts.

5, continue to use the scraper tool white paint the window of the high light, choose Pencil tool, draw a combination of the high light, if the line is not sure can be used before the line tool (V).

6, create a new layer, with a digital pen to choose white spray the wheel part, and then rub out the dark with the eraser, and then the Pencil tool to draw the high light part of the finished.

7, the new layer, select the Scraper tool spectrum after the mirror and the engine part of the black, and then select the Pencil tool summary, draw part of the part of the whole body on the processing finished.

Finally, just sign your name and complete the picture.

Well, the above information is small weave for you painter of this software users bring detailed hand-painted handsome car car of the need to analyze the full content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here, Xiao-Bian believes that you are now very clear about the production process, Then you go to follow the small series of tutorials to try it yourself.

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