Painter the photo into watercolor effect tutorial

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To the users of the painter software to explain the detailed interpretation of the photo to be converted to watercolor effect of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:

1. Open the picture in painter 8, Ctrl + A, select all.

2.ctrl+c Copy, Shift+ctrl+v center paste 2 times, Form Layer1 and Layer2,ctrl+d cancel constituency.

3. To Layer2, select Effects/surface control/sketch (Effect/surface control/sketch). In the Sketch dialog box to adjust to their own satisfactory results, and can be saved with save, easy to continue to use later.

4. Choose Airbrushes/digital Airbrush (airbrush/Digital Spray gun variant), choose White, choose about 50% of the pressure value, covering those gray points, so that the sketch more overall, clean. Then change the layer2 blending mode to Overlay (overlay) and change the opacity of the layer to 75%.

Well, the above information is small set for you painter of this software users brought to the detailed picture into watercolor effect of the tutorial to analyze the whole content of sharing, you see the users here, Xiao-Bian believes that you are now very clear about the conversion method, So you guys just go and try it on yourself.

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