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Requirements Analysis: The requirements for this program analysis of our discussion is this, the program to achieve the function has. The implementation of arithmetic, the ability to generate a random number of 1-10, the user can choose their own operators to apply to the operation operator. Be able to count the total number of answers, answer the number of questions correctly and answer the number of wrong questions and calculate the correct rate.

Specific design ideas: Do this program our idea is the first to have two form application, one form to do arithmetic, the other form to do statistics. The first is the Tiemer button which is used to do the countdown, because our ability problems after many attempts to do this button with the user's interaction, can not let the user to define the time. So can only be defined in advance, with a Label4 used as a cue message: Countdown,label5 used as display information. Modify The text of Label5 BorderStyle to Fixed3d,label5 as a space. Then there is the user's choice of operator, where we use 1234 to represent the multiplier of the operator for the user to choose. The next is to define the generation and algorithm of random numbers.

The algorithm is used to generate a random number of 1-10:

Define the countdown:

Generation of operators

Keyboard input events for TEXTBOX3:

Click event for the Start button:

Click event for the end button:

From1 's KeyDown event


To run the program:

PSP Time-consuming analysis

PSP Time-consuming analysis

Personal Software Process Sages

Time (%) seniorstudent


Estimate how long this task will take



Demand analysis


Creating a design Document


Design Review


Code specification

Specific design


Specific code


Code review


Testing (self-test, code modification, commit modification)


Test report

Computational effort

Summarize afterwards and propose process improvement plan


Pair programming Picture:

Pairing Programming Summary:

In this two person's cooperative programming, I am just an assistant, because before the foundation is not very good, with the dormitory genius piece of this software, in the programming process, followed by small partners also learned a lot of new things, we are repeatedly knock code, again and again run failure, debugging, repeated, for the teacher homework requirements , we did not all make, through this homework, but it is a lot of knowledge, I like to do cow teacher's homework, I can learn new things every time, but also very interested in, I hope that with the dorm genius can learn more things.

Pair programming Jobs

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