Panda TV Mobile Version How to search the anchor live room?

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Panda TV is now a popular live software, inside provides a lot of rooms, a lot of beauty anchors in live live in the inside, the different topic of different host way for everyone to choose, we can according to their preferences to choose the room number, or according to host the way to lock the room, But recently did not know how, many friends can not find the room number, in time to remember their favorite anchor, or can not be, this is really nasty to the users. The following small series to teach you panda TV mobile version of how to search the anchor live room.

The search method is as follows:

Through the communication with Panda TV's official customer service, the panda TV, whether it is a mobile client or a PC Web page can not search the room number and host live room, only through the classification of the game to find the host.

This is really a bit impersonal, but it is said that the feature will be added in later updates, we still wait.

At present, Panda TV still has a lot of functions is not so perfect, want to find their favorite anchor words, only through the game classification to find, although this method is more complicated, but this is the only solution, we wait patiently!

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