Parallels virtual machine can not enter the Fusion mode how to do

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Mac computer parallels virtual machine can not enter the Fusion mode how to do

In any case, the operating system will not be able to enter the fusion mode, showing the status of the following diagram:

Figure 1: Unable to enter fusion mode


This is typically the case where a program in the virtual machine operating system prevents access to the Parallels Desktop process coherence tool.


(1) Check your virtual machine operating system to install anti-virus management software, usually these software will automatically prevent some programs running. Many users habitually install some management software in the installed Windows virtual machine, which will affect the system operation, uninstall these management software reinstall the operating system.

(2) Check the virtual machine firewall to prevent access, contact blocking on it.

Usually these two cases are often, especially the first one, after the solution we can smoothly switch back and forth using fusion mode, especially convenient.

Figure 2: Integration mode can be entered

After the solution we can see the original gray part of the normal state, you can immediately experience the use. Install the operating system with genuine software if parallels tools always fail to install successfully, you can view the Software Station Tutorial solution.

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