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"Mr. Sun, my child is not promising, academic performance is not ideal, what the truth is enough for children to speak, as long as the child will meet him, but it is annoying, to stay at home every day like a little old man, also do not communicate with outsiders, sometimes driving children out are not willing to, the child is not a problem. "A child's father in the psychological counseling room to the children helpless to tell."

For the kids, mom and dad, just hope that children can fight for breath, do not disappoint parents, children when they are very likable, do not know why, the last few years have become taciturn, like a lot of worries, and now even go to school are lazy, not headache is stomach discomfort, as long as the child on leave, On the evening of Sunday, the child could not sleep, and was ill, now let the child toss mother even work all quit specialized at home to take care of children, such a big child every day behind the mother, as long as not to say anything to go to school is willing to do, also to many places did check, also did not find children have any problems, let parents worried, disappointed, helpless Distressed.

In the consultation, I learned that when mom and dad are young because their personalities are not suitable to quarrel often, sometimes the mother will take the child to hide in the home for a long time, especially when two people lose their temper, will say a lot of bad words, this time the children are mostly hiding in the corner or holding the mother's clothing, sometimes children do not want to sleep alone at night, Say fear, at this time father and mother always accuse and complain the child is not promising, such a large child is still so pediatrics, always look at other people's children lively and sensible, look at their children feel inferior, envy the children of others, with mom and dad said, see the children of the family every day happily with mom and dad together shopping, They sometimes want their children out, but how also can not call out, such a long time also lazy to go out, not only children, mom and dad if there is no thing also rarely go out, every day is to work to cook, and then is to watch TV online, as if this kind of life has been used to, if not the child appeared today Really did not think of their own life will have what is not appropriate.

When you talk with your dad in counseling, see how other people's kids are, whether or not to ask someone's father and mother usually how to get along with their children, in their own blindly take the child and other family children compared to their children have questioned the parents, always said that other people's children how, you know how the parents in the treatment of their children. -------Consulting father a face of helplessness and entanglements, in my father's words, I have been very inferiority, always feel in front of others, hope that their children can compete for breath, hope to use their own efforts to cultivate the child, so that children become their own in front of people talking capital, children when the child is small, Relatives and friends are very fond of their own children, as long as the children will compliment praise children, to encourage children, and sometimes give children a lot of toys, feel that time is their happiest happiest time, but now the child's performance has been slipping, even to school do not go, feel the sky is going to fall down, sometimes the work is lazy to do, Children learn all die, work still have what meaning, alive still have what meaning, if not a good result, later is not be ridiculed by people, be despised.

In the words of the child, in his father and mother's eyes is a disappointing, no promising child, the child, feel like mom and Dad's hands in the tool to let their own suffocation, depression, the heart has too many grievances, want to give mom and dad to say, want to let mom and dad to accompany themselves, but they have been talking busy, said no time, Need to work to make money, because mom and dad often quarrel, let oneself familiar with their quarrel and slapstick, sometimes noisy will say to divorce, each individual, this time will think oneself will be a child without father and mother, is because of their own do not make no promise to let mom and Dad quarrel, their own go to school afraid of exams, Because the results will lead to the parents of the accusations and complaints, do not want to let their father and mother sad, want to stay at home, even if it is sick and comfortable, because the sick father and mother will not quarrel also have time to accompany themselves, they also enjoy such a life------

Children do not go to school for which, mom and dad quarrel is to prove anything, why the adults will impose on the child, the child is small, the child's heart can not withstand this oppression and toss, if parents can not understand and understand the child's heart, just wishful thinking in their own way to love children, with this love to torture each other , I believe that the ultimate injury is not only children, but also to the family to bring endless heartache and helplessness, give the child deep heart to put on the shadow of the Heart, love children do not need reason and excuses, do not let the child become two people toss the tool, if the relationship between the two people can not handle well, many stories of parents with the so-called love children to barely maintain marriage, In order to give the child a complete home and forced together, will eventually give the child what kind of life and torture believe that only the parents themselves and the children themselves clearly, in this love behind is often a deep pain and difficult to heal the wound.

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