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It was an enjoyable hand-painted process, and the combination of the Angel face and the Devil's figure was unforgettable. This may be the effect of the poster, which is to capture the eye. The creation, drawing on the work style of the poster Ted Withers, combines the complete drawing with the sketch to form a unique contrast effect, very vivid.

Finally complete the diagram:

1. Run Photoshop 7 software and create a new blank file.

2. Create a new layer, named "Sketch set" and set to multiply. Using a 10-pixel brush tool, set the appropriate texture and INTUOS3 pen properties on the brush panel to make the stroke line look more like a pencil effect on paper. Draw a general composition and idea on the new layer, as the basic sample of the creation.

3. Temporarily close the "sketch set" layer visible, and then create a new multiply layer, named "sketch." According to the previous idea, draw a complete outline sketch. First, do not adhere to the local details, as far as possible to improve the overall relationship and human dynamics. Use Intuos 3 's delicate pressure and tilt recognition features and Photoshop custom brushes to make the drafting phase of your computer as comfortable as it is on paper.

4. Copy "sketch" layer standby, close the original "sketch" layer visible. New layer "Color", using a 20-pixel brush to color, using INTUOS3 to control the color of the shading, first from the hair section, to determine the most important part of the screen.

5. Then, draw the red swimsuit and headdress section.

6. Draw the color part, while paying attention to the combination of color and form.

7. Links combine "sketch" and "paint" layers to continue to refine the overall relationship.

8. Use a custom triangular brush (as described in the Wacom intuos tutorial ) To draw more hierarchical relationships to make the form more rounded.

9. In addition to the head and upper body, the legs and feet of the portrayal also to keep up.

10. Choose a brush head similar to the brush, and draw some energetic strokes in the background section. Intuos 3 of the delicate pressure and excellent brushwork feel, so that the computer's brush strokes effect more closely with the traditional wet acrylic stroke effect.

11. Carry on the facial detail depiction, uses one spray gun pattern the brush, carries on some turning surface the softness and the rich, obtains the more exquisite effect.

12. Reduce to the global view, the overall check adjustment screen.

13. Finally, restore those sketch layer visible, rearrange the composition position, and use the layer mask. Let the original line of the most vivid background of the composition of the effect, forming an interesting contrast.

Finally complete the diagram:

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