Parse built-in information of MP3 song files

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Parse the built-in information of MP3 song files,Note: Please respect the individual's labor results, and indicate the source for reprinting.

The implementation code is as follows:

/*************************************** * ********************************** File Name: mp3analysis. c ** created on: 2012-8-17 ** Author: Martin (p000034) ** contact: ** Description: parsing MP3 song file built-in information ** modifications: no *** statement: this procedure is only for study and exchange and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the authorization of the author. ** otherwise, the right to pursue legal liability shall be reserved. **************************************** * *********************************/# Include <stdio. h> # include <stdlib. h> /************************************* * ********************** define a structure named MP3 ********** **************************************** * *********/typedef struct tagmp3 {char tag [4]; // tag char name [31]; // song name char singer [31]; // artist name char special [31]; // album name char year [5]; // year char remark [29]; // Remarks char hastrk; // is there a sound track? 0 indicates that the next position is the char TRK of the audio track; // The Char style of the audio track; // style} MP3; /*************************************** * ********************** function: output the information of an MP3 file ********************************** * *************************/void showmp3info (MP3 MP3) {printf ("song details: \ n"); printf ("tag: % s \ n", mp3.tag); printf ("song name: % s \ n ",; printf ("artist name: % s \ n", mp3.singer); printf ("album: % s \ n", mp3.special); printf ("Year: % s \ n ", mp3.year); printf (" Backup Note: % s \ n ", mp3.remark); If (0 = mp3.hastrk) {printf (" audio track: \ n ");} else {printf ("audio track: None \ n");} printf ("audio track: % d \ n", mp3.trk); printf ("style: % x \ n ",;} int main (void) {MP3 mp3music; // defines an MP3 type file * fp = fopen (" D:/test.pdf ", "R"); // open the MP3 file if (null = FP) {// file opening failed printf ("file opening failed! Check whether the "D:/testbench" file exists. \ N "); exit (0);} else {// file opened successfully // read Tag Information fseek (FP,-128l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. tag, 4, FP); // read the song name fseek (FP,-125l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. name, 31, FP); // read the singer's name fseek (FP,-95l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. singer, 31, FP); // read the album name fseek (FP,-65l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. special, 31, FP); // read year fseek (FP,-35l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. year, 5, FP); // read the remarks fseek (FP,-31l, seek_end); fgets (mp3music. remark, 29, FP); // read whether the audio track fseek (FP,-3l, seek_end); fgets (& (mp3music. hastrk), 2, FP); // read the audio track fseek (FP,-2L, seek_end); fgets (& (mp3music. TRK), 2, FP); // read style fseek (FP,-1l, seek_end); fgets (& (mp3music. style), 2, FP);} fclose (FP); // close the MP3 file // display the information of the MP3 file showmp3info (mp3music); Return 0 ;}

The system runs normally as follows:


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