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It would be unrealistic to allow adult women to abandon their amorous heels, and to wear high heels (less than 5 centimeters)
Like an artificial foot bow on the soles of the feet, it has the effect of preventing muscle and joint injuries, relieving fatigue during walking, and keeping the body up to a very
Straight, add body beauty.

The doctor suggested: The following methods can not only wear the beauty of high heels, without affecting health. First of all, the best time to buy high heels is in the afternoon 3
Until 4 o'clock, try to wear 10 minutes and more walking to ensure that the shoes are truly fit and comfortable and that they can be pressed at the forefoot or heel when wearing high heels.
Place to make a soft insole to reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet; heels should not be too high, preferably no more than 5 cm, heel should not be too small
, otherwise it is difficult to stabilize the weight, and the shoe should be slightly loose, so that the feet and toes more space.

High heels should not wear every day, need to walk for a long time women, may wish to prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes in the office, with high heels alternately wear,
Reduce the local fatigue. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes after work, strengthen your ankle and exercise every day, and do some relaxation of your feet.
Exercise, help tendon stretch, once sprain should be in time to hospital treatment.

In addition, to remind adolescent teenage friends, adolescent women are more unsuitable to wear high heels, the best wear slope heel shoes and heel not more than 3 centimeters of shoes
Child Women's foot bone mature at the age of 15-16 years, premature wear high shoes to the foot of the high heel of the bone to complete the process of ossification, prone to abnormal
Shape. The pelvis is a bone ring formed by the combination of the sacrum, the tailbone, the left and right hips, the ligaments, and the joints, which are usually 25 years old before they are formed.
The human body transmits the important structure of gravity, and the pelvic orifice stenosis has a direct influence on the postpartum childbirth after the severe pelvic loading.

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