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How to pay the treasure friendly blessing how to play?

New additions to 10 and more Alipay friends during the event (new additions are added for the first time) can receive 3 "FU" through the activity page, receive the "Fu" random kind, can be in the activity page "my blessing" to view, if does not collect "the blessing" in the activity period (including the friend Gift blessing), the eligibility will expire.

The activities of the blessing can be donated, you can exchange friends, set Qi harmony, patriotism, professionalism, friendly, rich and powerful five categories of "Fu", can be divided into five February 8 00:18 million yuan, the same account can only be divided into a red envelope.
In addition, through the February 7 Evening Gala Interactive Link "a swish" entrance to the red envelopes and "Fu", continue to carry out five-fu exchange and collection.
Five blessings to obtain a random, want to get their own blessings can also be exchanged with friends to complete.

  Pay Treasure friendly Fu play tutorial

1, download the latest version of the Pay Treasure Wallet

2, mobile phone landing payment Treasure Purse app software, click on the middle of the first "New Year to send blessing" activities;
3, access to add friends, a five-fu active interface, just add 10 friends can get three different blessing words;
4, from mobile phone contact to choose friends to add, if there are 10 friends agree to add, you can get three blessings;
5, in addition to add friends to send five blessings, but also by exchanging different blessings with friends to set up five different blessings, specific operations can return to add friends, five-fu interface, to find "View my blessings" option;
6, the last thing to note is that in addition to add friends, friends Exchange, but also through the February 7 Spring Festival evening Interactive link to get blessing Word, and finally on February 8 before 0 o'clock set Zie can be divided into 200 million cash bonuses,

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