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Alipay covers more than 500 bus stations in more than 200 cities across the country.
During the Spring Festival, 375 long-distance stations in 17 provinces of China, passengers can try to buy tickets by paying treasure-scan station posters, self-service ticketing machines and manual ticketing window brushes. "During the period from January 15 to February 3, the passengers who paid for the purchase of the ticket or swept the code at the bus station can enjoy a discount of $20 at random for a maximum of 10 yuan and a lucky draw." "Ali Travel revealed.
It is understood that, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and other 77 cities in 289 stations can scan the station to buy car tickets. Users only need to open Alipay, scan the station site posters on the two-dimensional code, in the page out of the choice of information, the completion of payment can be realized to buy tickets, after the ticket can be set off. Pay treasure Sweep code, equivalent in the station opened countless one-on-one ticket window, no need to queue, greatly shorten the time users buy tickets
In Xuzhou, 13 bus stations, also realized the manual ticketing window brush Alipay payment. In other cities, Wuxi passenger Terminal also has this function. Passengers only need to confirm ticket information in the Manual ticket window, brush payment and collect tickets can be taken by car. In Wuhan, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and other 42 cities, 86 stations can be online under the self-service ticketing machine brush pay treasure to buy tickets, choose a good ticket, complete payment Alipay, machine out of the ticket after the ticket can ride.
In addition to going to the station to buy tickets, the most time-saving or direct purchase through mobile phone tickets. Open Alipay, enter the city service, in the transportation of large categories to find the car ticket function, choose to reach the city and departure date, search, select Tickets, determine and payment can be completed to purchase tickets. From opening Alipay to booking a car ticket, the entire booking process is less than 3 minutes. Just take the ticket before boarding the bus, compared to the line under the long queue to buy car tickets, save a lot of time.
Users can buy car tickets in the following ways:
1, the bus station pay Treasure poster scanned two-dimensional code, directly on the phone to buy the station can buy long-distance bus tickets;
2, ticket window to pay in person, sweep two-dimensional code can be, as if you are in the supermarket sweeping Alipay;
3, the self-service purchase ticket machine Payment link, may use the payment treasure to scan the two-dimensional code payment directly;
4, direct landing Alipay-city services-car ticket purchase, and then the line to take tickets to the car.

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