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In the course of my net earning project, I encountered the problem of payment of foreign payments, at first I used PayPal paypal, the handling fee is amazing! I believe that e-commerce foreign trade friends have deep experience. Fortunately found in PayPal alternative products Payoneer, registration is simple, low fees, there are Chinese websites, Chinese customer service, payoneer than PayPal advantage is too obvious, recommended for everyone to use.

Collection challenges

Whether you are doing net-earning affiliate programs, doing e-commerce business, or doing a huge crowd, will meet the problem of payment of payments. For example:

    • GoDaddy often has very cheap domain name registration benefits, but only for U.S. bank account holders to enjoy, Chinese users do not enjoy the discount.
    • PayPal fee is very high, hard to earn some money, but the evil of PayPal, a lot of heartache;
    • PayPal withdrawals to Bank of China account, at least $35 of the handling fee, the time period is longer, too frustrating is not cost-effective.
    • such as CJ Alliance, Amazon America Net Earn Alliance, request to provide the U.S. collection account, unfortunately you do not have a U.S. bank account;
    • Your customers involved in the European region, the need for Sterling, Euro collection, PAYPL exchange rate conversion fee is very harsh, inconvenient;

The above questions can be resolved with a free Payoneer account.

About Payoneer

Maybe you saw someone on the internet saying that the so-called P-card, in fact, refers to the MasterCard issued by Payoneer. Payoneer is a licensed American virtual banking institution that provides secure, fast and simple payment services, and is the preferred payment channel for SMEs, individual webmasters and foreign trade practitioners.

Payoneer, founded in 2005 and headquartered in New York, is a venture-backed company with a strong profitability, ranked among the top 100 financial services companies in the 5000. There are 6 office locations and 400 employees worldwide.

Payoneer provides round-the-clock cross-border payment services to more than 200 countries, enabling millions of businesses and professionals to reach new audiences. In addition, thousands of well-known companies like Google, Airbnb, Elance-odesk and Getty Images rely on Payoneer's bulk payment services.

The P-card works with Bank of America to receive payments from all U.S. companies. In addition, Payoneer has an agreement with Deutsche Wirecard Bank to provide a physical card that can now receive payments from some European companies. Payoneer also works with British Barclays Bank to support the payment of sterling.

Payoneer (p card) advantages

Compared to other payment platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer has many advantages, including:

1. Easy to withdraw, telegraphic transfer to mainland China bank;
2. You will immediately have three banks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, individual accounts, to accept all U.S. companies to pay, some European companies to pay, the U.S. dollar, sterling, the euro is not a problem;
3. POS Machine credit card consumption, to enjoy the feeling of brushing American cards;
4. The renminbi can be withdrawn at ATMs that support the MasterCard logo;
5. Can be bound to PayPal, withdraw 0 fee (PayPal withdrawal to US bank account is completely free of charge);
6. You can purchase at home and abroad, enjoy the free experience of Amazon Amazon Prime members and various discounts;

Payoneer Registration Tutorial

Registering Payoneer is simple, first visit the Payoneer website, they provide Chinese language interface, click the registration button:

Fill in your name, e-mail, date of birth in English

Fill in the home address and contact information in English. Address translation is very simple, for example: Shanghai Mayor Changning 23 Lane 8th, Room 302 translated into English is rooms 302 No.8 Lane changning Road fill in the "Street address" column, City: Shanghai

Next is to fill in your user name, password, security issues, recommended to copy on paper, to prevent forgetting.

Finally, fill in the identity information, must be true information, otherwise the audit does not pass

After the submission, your mailbox soon received an email, prompted to approve the pass!

Login to the Payoneer website backstage and see the Global payment service on the homepage with your US bank account number

Proof of Identity: upload your id's positive and negative photo, with a mobile phone to make it clear, do not have to scan; (upload passport, driver's license can also)

Survey : simply fill out your source of income and let Payoneer know why someone sent you a transfer. You can fill in "Amazon affiliate income", meaning that you earn the dollar is the Amazon Commission Alliance obtained, not money laundering Oh!

There is no card difference card

Now that you have a full Payoneer account, you can pay and receive money. If you want to have a physical card, click the link in the upper right corner of the payoneer background to apply for the card, fill in the data waiting for review, the United States headquarters will send you a MasterCard prepaid card prepaid cards, can be in mainland China have MasterCard logo place card consumption.

The issued P card first by the International express DHL from the United States to China (7-10 days), and then by the domestic mail card agent through the China Post Express EMS delivery to your address (time spent 5-10 days).

Send the physical card to you is free, but the card is an annual fee, about 29 dollars/year, if you do not want to install, in fact, no need to apply for physical card, no card account also has all functions, and free annual fee.

Friendship Reminder: After successfully applying for an account, we recommend that you recharge $100 in your account to expedite the review process. Payoneer currently offers a new user benefit policy, as long as the account has a balance of $100, you can immediately return to 25 dollars to your account, White earned $25!

Click to visit payoneer China website

Payoneer Website Registration tutorial, free Application for U.S. bank account number

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