PayPal cancellation of pre-approved payment to prevent automatic renewal and binding credit card verification account method

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It should be from the beginning of this January, the Mainland China's PayPal account can not be between the account transfer services, so if our domestic customers PayPal account needs to buy products such as host, or we bind credit card deduction, or we have overseas transfer as a recharge channel. Most of our commonly used overseas host, domain name and other products need to use PayPal and credit card payment, for novice users is still a little confused.

Remember last week, some netizens mentioned let old left write a tutorial on the purchase of overseas VPS host, it is not clear whether to sign the default automatic renewal terms, if you need to cancel how to solve. Because some businesses are the default to sign the automatic renewal clause, if we do not cancel the bill renewal cycle in the merchant account, or we do not cancel the pre-approval payment in the PayPal account, this will automatically deduct the fee for the second payment period.

First, how to cancel pre-approval payments

Login to our PayPal account, in the user information-financial information, you can see the above picture. Click "Update" in my pre-approved payment.

We check all the information lists, and if there is an option to see the merchant, the automatic binding renewal fee has been set by default. If we want to not automatically renew, we can click on the merchant.

Then click the Cancel option to do so. We will also receive an email from PayPal informing us that the pre-approved payment has been canceled. In this way, we will no longer have to worry about the automatic renewal of business. In fact, as long as we deal with the problem, the merchant's bill can not be canceled, especially we do not know if it is really necessary to renew the machine. Because some businesses we cancel, want to manually give recovery bill, they do not restore.

Second, about PayPal account binding credit card problem

Because a lot of users will find that even if our PayPal account has a balance, but in the purchase of some overseas VPS host is also unable to pay, there will be a request to add credit card options (hand without a screenshot so can not provide). This problem arises because the service provider requires that our PayPal account has a binding credit card.

If you encounter such a problem, we can in advance to our PayPal account Binding credit card verification can be, if we have a physical credit card can certainly be used, we can also use the global pay virtual credit card authentication binding.

See above, at the Financial Information Office, in the "Debit and credit card" option, click Update, we can add credit card information.

After you add the card, verify that the card is ours.

In order to account for the certification need to deduct the cost of HKD15, this fee will be refunded to us.

Then we go to the credit card Billing Center to find the corresponding 4 digital authentication information and then verify the account.

Then we go back to PayPal home page, click on the account certification, and then enter the above 4 numbers can be successfully validated, this verification fee will be returned to us. In this way, our PayPal account to complete the credit card verification, for those who need credit card verification of the VPS business is no problem.

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