PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary

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  PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary

1, consider in life and work often have friends encounter the various sources of PDF documents into Word or txt needs;

2, once a friend has published similar software, the software function is simpler, often can not meet the needs of different friends, send this article, designed to help friends more efficient to complete the relevant work and provide a little thought.

As illustrated


PDF cannot be edited, it's not a disadvantage, it's positioning.

Although PDFs cannot be edited, they can be commented on.

Why convert PDFs to other formats? Technical point of view, is for two times edit and subsequent use; but when doing so, please pay attention to the copyright issue.

Are you sure you want to go to Word format? If the document has only text, it is recommended to TXT or RTF. It is also acceptable to convert to HTM if there are some diagrams and pictures that are not complex. However, if the format is complex, or you do not understand HTML, you may wish to switch to DOC format. (Earlier versions of MS Word were in a closed format, WPS and Libre office were able to keep up to date with all the technical means, while other software that did not have the strength to do so could not edit word.) Of course, you can use the free wordviewer to view (should also be able to copy to other programs). The new MS Office takes an XML format and is relatively open. Therefore, also should not be based on outdated reasons too opposed to DOC format. But in any case, it's subconscious: In addition to expensive Ms Office, there is a personal free wps (very small), open source libre, online Google Doc. )

  First, the recommended PDF conversion Word scheme
1. Do not forget the most basic "copy/Paste" method

To find the "advanced" approach, try the most basic method: Open the PDF document, copy the full text, and then paste it in Word. If the document format is not complex, the result will suffice.

  2. Gmail, QQ mailbox directly view the PDF format

Gmail solved the problem of PDF viewing very early. Send PDF as an attachment to Gmail, on the attachment side, click the "View" or "See" link, enter the online PDF reader, click on the "Pure HTML" link, that is, the Web page format to display the PDF content. If you must need the DOC format, copy the HTML content to Word. and QQ mailbox, the PDF attachment also has a similar "plain text view" link, just compared to Gmail, the lack of text format. In addition, this conversion can also crack the PDF to prevent replication content restrictions.

Advantages: Fast, trustworthy, a lot of people already have Gmail mailbox (no? Then sign up for one); All language-encoded text should be convertible.

Disadvantage: The picture in the PDF seems to have a problem.

  3. Pdf2word Online Conversion

Pdftoword.com is currently the most accurate PDF to Word file converter, from the famous PDF solution Provider NitroPDF.

Pdftoword.com is an online application that is completely free and easy to use:

-Access Pdftoword.com:① upload Pdf→② selected format (DOC/RTF) →③ input receive mailbox;

-Enter the mailbox: Check the converted Word document.

WEB 2.0 Share evaluation: "... Pdftoword worthy of the king of Precision, the same translation of Chinese is very good, the text is not much said, we can test their own. Pdftoword is really unique in typesetting, specifically introduces a detail, Pdftoword converted document is still in paragraph, not a lot of line breaks, and most of the previous converters are in the behavior unit, so that there are many line breaks at the end, you copy and paste will have a lot of trouble ...

Freepdfconvert is a website that offers free online PDF conversion services. The various formats supported for other documents that can be converted to PDF include MS Office, Web pages, pictures, vector images, and more.

PDFOnline's most powerful collection of PDF online Tools includes a number of useful tools, including PDF file conversion tools that support almost all common file formats.

Convertpdftoword has a free online PDF to Word conversion tool, can upload PDF files online, immediately converted to Word files, direct download, very convenient! Of course, there are desktop version of the download, the choice.

  Second, other software or online applications
1. Shared software e-pdf to Word Converter

Shareware e-pdf to Word Converter (USD) in conversion PDF to Word class software, also belong to a better one, of course, with the Chinese people's cracked spirit, these activation tools on the Internet are overwhelming.

  software Name: e-pdf to Word ConverterV2.5 Green Chinese version

Other information on the Web: e-pdf to Word Converter is a tool software that converts adobepdf documents into Word documents, which support the output of text, images, and other content. This software can be run independently from Microsoft word,adobe acrobat or Acrobat Reader. The perfect Chinese support and the original layout conversion, basically achieves the hundred cent the authentic ... At present, the only found deficiencies, the number will be converted to the number of rounded corners, I do not know if you can in Word in bulk to change the number back to Half-width, and some of the text size will be a small number. Tried a lot of PDF to the Word tool, it should be said that the layout has been seen to retain the best, although there is a little regret.

The above software converts text-type PDFs to Word. But once the PDF documents are generated using images, such as scanned data, or using a photo-generated image, they are weak in front of these types of PDFs, and then you need to introduce a thing called OCR.

  Optical Character Recognition , referred to as OCR, is a technique that allows you to transform different documents, such as converting scanned paper documents, PDF files, or digital camera images into documents that can be edited. Suppose you get a paper file--like a magazine, a color page, or a PDF contract that your partner sends you. Obviously, a scanner alone is not enough to turn these documents into a document that can be edited, that is, Microsoft Word. The only thing a scanner can do is create a picture or a black-and-white or color image document. To extract text and data from scanned documents, PDFs, or digital images, you need OCR software to identify the information on the picture, from the word to the sentence, and then into the entire document that you can edit.

  2, MS Office Document Imaging to convert PDF to Word
if you purchased the appropriate suite for MS Office, you can convert PDF to Word through the MS Office Document Imaging.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging is an optional component of MS Office that is used for image-scanning storage of printed documents and has OCR functionality. As a result, you can also first print the PDF as a Microsoft Office document Imaging Format (MDI), and then convert to an editable Word document by using OCR. (Official Help: 2)

Reprint the Operation step:

① from PDF to MDI: In a PDF reader, print a PDF, the printer chooses "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer", and the PDF file is exported as a virtual print file in MDI format after confirmation. (Note: If you do not find the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Item, use the Add/Remove components update in the Office 2003 installation CD to install the component, and select the Office Tools Microsoft Draw converter.) )

② convert from MDI to Word:document Imaging to run Microsoft Office document Imaging and use it to open the MDI file you just saved and select the tools → send text to Word menu. In the pop-up window, select "Keep picture layout unchanged on output", and after confirming that "you must rerun OCR before performing this operation." This may take some time ", OK. But this component was removed from office 2010, and OCR recognition is now integrated into OneNote, but my personal test shot never worked So, if possible, you need other software.

  This is to learn to have the built-in OCR function of the software to appear.
Taibbi (ABBYY) FineReader
is a highly intelligent text recognition, text conversion and scanning recognition software.

  software name: Thai ratio PDF Editor (abbyy finereader) 11 Chinese cracked version

Taibbi (ABBYY) FineReader can quickly and accurately convert scanned documents, PDF files, and digital photos into searchable, editable electronic formats. The resulting results can be edited, emailed, or posted to the Internet in Microsoft Office applications. FineReader 11 also supports a wide range of file and image save formats to meet your business needs. You can also send results directly to the application before making it more energy efficient, or simply file-sharing files that are exported to the microsoft® sharepoint®. Its innovative Advanced document identification Technology (ADRT), finereader 11 eliminates duplicate input, accurately recreating the structure and format of multi-page files, including real text, tables, columns, content, headers, footers, footnotes, page numbers, table title Table/figure, font size and font style. Any form of PDF file, including scanned PDF files, can be converted to MS Office format. Users can also create a PDF file or adapt the original PDF file directly in the MSOffice. ABBYY Intelligent Technology ensures the accuracy of conversion, eliminates the endless typing and reformatting of labor, can provide users with efficient and correct conversion effect.

Of course there are also such as TRYORC (domestic, free, easy to use), Solid Converter pdf,able2extract, and so on the relatively large software altogether friends try.

There is also a tryorc, Chinese name recognition to see

  software Name: identify See (TRYOCR) v2.0 Free Edition

  Third, the conclusion
occasionally have pdf2doc needs of netizens, suggest first try the online Gmail, Pdftoword. If the quality does not meet the requirements, or the number of conversions, the speed of more requirements, you can try/register e-pdf to Word Converter software. If converting a document is just one aspect of your day-to-day work, or the production environment often needs to convert pictures or scanned content to Word, you can use these more advanced PDF processing software.

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