PDF solution (4)-online browsing

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PDF solution (4)-online browsing

The previous article mainly introduced the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions for online pdf browsing and how to convert a PDF file into a SWF file. This article mainly introduces online browsing of SWF files.

SWF online browsing

SWF online browsing selects flexpaper, a lightweight open source (it is also open source, long live open source !) Component to display various documents in the browser.

: Http://flexpaper.devaldi.com/

Introduce the flexpaper JS and CSS files and jquery files on your own pages. Define a div on the page and use the flexpaperviewer method to specify the SWF file path and other parameters to render the div, flexpaper is easy to use and will not be described in detail. The Code is as follows:

<Head> <LINK rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/CSS" href = "JS/flexpaper/CSS/flexpaper.css"> <SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript" src = </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript" src = "JS/flexpaper/JS/flexpaper. JS "> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT type =" text/JavaScript "src =" JS/flexpaper/JS/flexpaper_handlers.js "> </SCRIPT> 



Flexpaper configuration has a lot of parameters, here are the Chinese introduction of parameters, can be used for reference: http://ajava.org/article-685-1.html


This topic mainly introduces PDF-related file processing, including file upload, file conversion to PDF, PDF conversion to SwF, and SwF online browsing, openOffice, itext, xpdf, swftools, flexpaper, and other open-source tools and jar packages are used. These tools are very powerful and provide many functions. Here, only a very small and very simple function is used, for your reference!

My composition is a hard injury to me. I often cannot grasp the key points, quit my words, and put the cart before the horse. These articles are also very difficult to write. I don't know how to express the meaning I want to express my love letter, I will talk a lot about all the things in this article, but I am not talking about them. You are welcome to criticize and correct each other and learn from each other!

Download related files:

PDF solution Demo: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3mmwux

Swftools, xpdf: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dDu1Yoh (Note: Extract in the C root directory)

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