Peak Spring4 Learning (2) several ways to rely on injection

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One, assemble a bean

Ii. several ways of dependency injection; Public classpeople {Private intID; PrivateString name; Private intAge ;  Publicpeople () {Super(); //TODO auto-generated Constructor stub    }     PublicPeople (intID, String name,intAge ) {        Super();  This. ID =ID;  This. Name =name;  This. Age =Age ; }     Public intgetId () {returnID; }     Public voidSetId (intID) { This. ID =ID; }     PublicString GetName () {returnname; }     Public voidsetName (String name) { This. Name =name; }     Public intGetage () {returnAge ; }     Public voidSetage (intAge ) {         This. Age =Age ; } @Override PublicString toString () {return"People [id=" + ID + ", name=" + name + ", age=" + Age + "]"; }        }
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Spring Management Bean's xml:beans.xml:

<?XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?><Beansxmlns= "Http://"Xmlns:xsi= "Http://"xsi:schemalocation= "Http://" >    <BeanID= "HelloWorld"class= ""></Bean>      <!--Assemble a bean -      <BeanID= "People"class= ""></Bean>            <!--Dependency Injection -      <!--Attribute Injection -     <BeanID= "People2"class= "">         < Propertyname= "id"value= "1"></ Property>         < Propertyname= "Name"value= "Zhang San"></ Property>         < Propertyname= "Age"value= "One"></ Property>     </Bean>          <!--constructor injection by type -     <BeanID= "People3"class= "">         <Constructor-argtype= "int"value= "2"></Constructor-arg>         <Constructor-argtype= "String"value= "John Doe"></Constructor-arg>         <Constructor-argtype= "int"value= "All"></Constructor-arg>     </Bean>     <!--constructor injection by index -     <BeanID= "People4"class= "">        <Constructor-argIndex= "0"value= "3"></Constructor-arg>        <Constructor-argIndex= "1"value= "Harry"></Constructor-arg>        <Constructor-argIndex= "2"value= " on"></Constructor-arg>    </Bean>    <!--Constructor Injection Type index federated use -    <BeanID= "People5"class= "">        <Constructor-argIndex= "0"type= "int"value= "4"></Constructor-arg>        <Constructor-argIndex= "1"type= "String"value= "Recruit Six"></Constructor-arg>        <Constructor-argIndex= "2"type= "int"value= "The "></Constructor-arg>    </Bean>        <!--Factory methods inject non-static plants -    <BeanID= "Peoplefactory"class= ""></Bean>    <BeanID= "People6"Factory-bean= "Peoplefactory"Factory-method= "Createpeople"></Bean>        <!--factory methods inject static plant -    <BeanID= "People7"class= ""Factory-method= "Createpeople"></Bean></Beans> under the

Static Factory:

 Package; Import;  Public class PeopleFactory2 {    publicstatic  People Createpeople () {        new  people ();        People.setid (6);        People.setname ("Xiao Ba");        People.setage (N);         return people;}    }
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Non-static factory:

 Package; Import;  Public class peoplefactory {    public  People createpeople () {        new  people ();        People.setid (5);        People.setname ("small Seven");        People.setage (a);         return people;}    }
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Test code:;ImportOrg.springframework.context.ApplicationContext;;; Public classTest {@SuppressWarnings ("Resource")     Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {ApplicationContext ac=NewClasspathxmlapplicationcontext ("Beans.xml"); People people= (people) Ac.getbean ("People");                System.out.println (people); //Attribute InjectionPeople people2 = (people) Ac.getbean ("People2");                System.out.println (People2); //constructor injection by typePeople people3 = (people) Ac.getbean ("People3");                System.out.println (PEOPLE3); //Factory methods inject non-static plantsPeople people6 = (people) Ac.getbean ("People6");                System.out.println (PEOPLE6); //factory methods inject static plantPeople people7 = (people) Ac.getbean ("People7");            System.out.println (PEOPLE7); }}
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Console print:

Peak Spring4 Learning (2) several ways to rely on injection

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