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The neighbor's little Cai (side dish?!) MM home just installed broadband ADSL Internet, immediately flew over to pull me to her home, want me to give her a gmail email. Speaking of e-mail, I believe many friends will have no less than two or three? For our individual users, the general situation we can only choose like 163 or Sohu and other free mailbox. So I asked Xiao Cai: "Do you want to use your own computer to set up a mail server?" When someone asks for your e-mail address, you answer an email named after your name, cool! ”。 Xiao Cai listened, blinking and blinking, looking at me and nodding his head. Hey, don't think only computer master or company can set up mail server, in fact, our small rookie also can fly out of the sky, set up mail server but not to our di. Hey, that's a lot of talk, I guess everyone's getting impatient? Don't worry, I drink water, use Remote Desktop to connect to the home computer and then slowly way. (Xiao Cai: "...").

A Download Installation Winmail

1 First of all, please welcome our protagonist Winmail debut, Winmail full name is "Winmai Server", is a powerful, easy to operate the mail server software. We can download the latest version of the Winmail to Unregistered version can be free to use 30 days, support 20 mailboxes, the number of domain names Unlimited, there is no other function restrictions. (hearing here, Cai can not help but hide his hand for crying: "Hum, how good things to the ocean?" Ignore it, they have no money. "See this situation, I can not help but wonder:" I remember last week I saw you bought a 400-dollar coat, but also shouted cheap! ”)

2) After downloading, we can directly run the installation file for installation, Winmail installation process and the general software similar, but to note that do not use Chinese as the installation directory, otherwise it may cause program exceptions. Here are just a few steps to note, such as installation components, how to run, and setting up administrator login passwords. Winmail main components are the Server Core and management tools two parts. Server Core to the main is the completion of SMTP, POP3, ADMIN, HTTP and other service functions. and management tools are mainly responsible for setting up the mail system, such as setting system parameters, managing users, admin domains, and so on, as shown below. Cai: "It sounds complicated, but it seems that I have to study again with a sleepless night." T_t ")

3) The Server Core operates in two main ways: 1 as a system service and as a stand-alone program. Run as a system service. 2 to operate in a separate program for all WIN32 operating systems. During installation, the program will let you choose whether to overwrite the existing configuration file if it has been detected. Note that if you want to choose when the software is upgraded, then don't look for me (I have no money to compensate you ^_^), as shown below.

In the previous step, if you choose to overwrite an existing profile or install it for the first time, Setup will also let you enter the system administrator password and the password for the system administrator's mailbox, which, of course, can be modified later, as shown below.

4 After the installation completes, the administrator must have some initialization settings for the system to function properly. The server will automatically run the Quick Setup Wizard if it finds that the domain name has not been set up at startup, and we can use it to set up the mail server quickly and easily. Here we set up a e-mail to make an example of the following, as shown below.

At this time, Xiao Cai wondered: "But I listen to my classmate little Black said what ADSL each dial-up Internet, IP address is different, that someone sent me a message, how to resolve this domain name?" "Well, yes, that's a good question!" asked the man. I patted Xiao Cai on the shoulder, pretending to be deep in the heart, but to eat small cai tofu and laugh. In fact, we can solve this problem through the software of "Peanut shell".
Two. Download peanut shell, register domain name.

1 to download the installation of peanut shell client. Then run the peanut Shell software, click on the "Registered Oray Passport", according to the pop-up Registration Passport window prompts for registration. After the registered Oray passport is completed, use the registered Passport name and password to fill in the peanut shell software for landing.

2 Right click on "free Domain name" to register a free domain name. So after the internet regardless of how the IP address changes, as long as you remember that the domain name can be connected to the corresponding IP address, very convenient.

3 According to the prompts to activate the last step of the application of the free domain name Peanut shell Dynamic DNS service. When the domain name has been activated, the peanut shell software has been online. We are applying for the free domain name has been bound to the current public network IP address, the Internet can be applied through the domain name directly to the current public network IP. However, here we use the charge of the top-level domain as a demonstration, because the top-level domain name than free domain name more than good, and the price is not expensive (compared to the use of the mailbox is much more cost-effective). The following figure.

4 Finally, we also need to add an MX record for the top-level domain. Open the page to the Peanut Shell homepage, and then use the Peanut Shell Passport username and password to login to the console. After clicking on "Domain Name management", all the domain names registered by the Passport will be listed on the right. Then we click on the "" domain name on the right, and the "Add Domain Name Record" button appears. Directly after the click, we can see that the domain name has been more than a "" of the sub domain name, click on the sub domain name inside the "MX", will appear a window. Because our computer in the public network does not have a fixed IP address, so in the "mail Server" we enter "", "priority" input "10" after the determination can be. As shown in the following figure.

Then Tsai asked, "What is the MX record?" The MX record, which is the mail exchange record, is a record of the domain name on the DNS server that tells the DNS server which computer in the domain is responsible for handling the mail, "I Once Again" Earnest "Pat Cai's shoulder said.

three. Using the Administrative Tools settings

1) OK, now the domain name is also set up. Before the formal test to send and receive mail, we need to set up the mail server first. Start the Client Management tool on the desktop, and the user can log in using the username (Admin) and the password set at installation.

2 After successful management tool login, use System Setup-> system services to see if the system's SMTP, POP3, IMAP services are functioning properly. The green icon indicates that the service ran successfully. A red icon indicates that the service stopped. The following figure.

If you find that services such as SMTP, POP3, ADMIN, HTTP, IMAP, or LDAP do not start successfully, use the system log-> "systems" to view the startup information for your system. If the startup is unsuccessful, it is generally the case that the port is occupied and cannot be started, shutting down the port-occupied program or replacing the port and restarting the associated service. For example, the SMTP service of IIS is installed when Windows 2000 defaults, causing the mail system SMTP service to not run. We stopped the SMTP service for IIS and the mail system SMTP service returned to normal.

3 Next we set up the mail domain, open "domain name setting"-> "Domain name management". Here you can add a new domain name or edit a field that already exists, as shown in the following figure. Finally, we can add or remove mailboxes by using the users and Groups-> user management.

Four. Letter and transceiver Test
Once all of the above are set, we can send and receive the email in the Web mode. Xiao Cai: "Gee, I don't know why I feel a little heartbeat." I listened, can not help but feel flattered to think: "estimate is because of my relationship, hehe." Because Winmail defaults to use 6080来 to do the Web port number, so we directly open IE, enter the Http://IP address: 6080, you can access the Web mailbox, the following figure. Because the web mode of operation and 163 such as free mailbox is exactly the same, here we do not say more. In addition, here we notice that in the lower right corner of the page you can see the IP address of this computer, which we will use in the following article.

In addition to being able to send and receive messages using traditional Web methods, we can also use commonly used mail client software (such as Outlook Express, Outlook, FoxMail) to test. Take Outlook Express, for example, to show how to set up the mail client software.

1 Open Outlook Express, click on the menu "Tools" in the "account", pop-up as shown in the following image. In the Internet Account dialog box that pops up, click the Add button to select Mail, as shown below (Hey, I'm in English version of Windows).

2 Enter the Internet Connection Wizard to fill in the user's name and click Next. Then fill in the email address of the increased user in your mail system to "e-mail Address".

3 The Receiving mail server is selected as "POP3" and then enters the local IP address in the POP and SMTP servers. As for how to know the IP address, the article has been mentioned above.

4 The final input of the user in your mail system account name and password, click Next, you can complete.

5 After the setup is complete, we also need to modify the account attribute. We can click "Tool"-> "Account" in the menu, select the account that you want to set up, press "attribute".

5 If the SMTP service of the messaging system activates the Send authentication feature, the "My Server requires authentication" option in the outgoing mail server on the Server tab must be selected. Then choose "Use the same settings as the receiving server" to determine.

6 Finally, we write a title "Winmail Test!" in Outlook Express. Mail to 126 of the mailbox, and then from 126 reply to a message titled " Test Mail" to the server to test whether the server is functioning properly. The following figure.

OK, so far, our mail server has been set up successfully! Of course, more advanced settings should be left to the people to study slowly. Looking back, I found that little Cai was looking at me with an extremely admirable look. Nothing, I have been accustomed to this kind of scene, so with the hand dial the hair done a chic action. But after a minute, hey, why is she still looking at me? It's embarrassing. Until I looked carefully again, only to find that the original she was distracted ... $@#$%

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