People will look for patterns when identifying objects

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The discovery pattern helps to quickly process sensory information received at the moment. Even if there are no patterns, the human eyes and the brain will try to create patterns.

/Different cells will respond to different shapes

The cell division in the cerebral visual cortex is different. They only respond to the horizontal and vertical lines and the lines at specific angles.


· Since people cannot help themselves find patterns, use as many rules as possible to create patterns by grouping and interval.

· To make the muge object easy to recognize, draw it with simple ry. This will make the geometric ions that make up an object more obvious, but people are faster and easier to recognize the object.

· Use more two-dimensional elements and less three-dimensional elements. The brain receives the information observed by the human eye in two-dimensional form, so the hungry 3D image on the screen may slow down the recognition and understanding speed.

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