PERL6 Introduction and download compilation installation

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Encounter PERL6

Always want to seriously learn a scripting language or similar language, because relative and c++/c, some work can be very convenient to use scripting language to solve, such as the processing of log files, automatic FTP upload.

Also seen a lot of language introduction, such as Python,ruby,erlang,go, and so on, because I am a C language primer, later learning to the C + +, so accustomed to C/s programming style, for Python

Language style can not be recognized, tab indentation to distinguish the code block what is simply anti-human ... Like Python don't hit me ... As for Erlang, the purely functional language, which is quite round, is not very convenient,

Erlang is too different from the previous programming habit to focus on just seeing what's going on in the millions and then discovering that it wasn't my dish ...

Later inadvertently, see Perl, the exact word is perl5, simple understanding, I like the language, and then in the process of using to find there are perl6, so the idea of a forward-looking decision

Come to learn perl6, because have PERL5 Foundation, Getting started is also easy, is the Chinese information is too little, a lot of information are English, "revelation", introductory tutorial, etc ....

PERL6 Introduction

All right, let's talk about it. Perl6,perl6 's official website is

He also has a mascot, a colorful butterfly, perl6 a powerful, feature-rich programming language, about the history of Perl6 on-line some of the introduction here is not elaborate, Larry originally developed PERL6 when

is intended to use PERL5 to expand the grammar, and then achieve perl6, finally realize Perl6 Bootstrap, but finally failed, then the great god of tw Tang Zong Han established the project Pugs, became the first available implementation of PERL6.

Currently PERL6 compilers have such a few

1, Rakudo

It allows PERL6 to run on MOARVM and JVM as well as parrot, which you can download from here

2, Niecza

It can compile perl6 code into CLR code, and let Perl6 run on. NET and Mono

There are also STD, Viv, NQP, Pugs, Perlito

The rest of the compiler is to implement the PERL6 service, STD is a standard Larry wrote, PERL6 Grammar,viv can use STD to convert perl6 to PERL5,STD using Viv to build

NQP is used to help perl6 write compilers and libraries.

perl6 download, compile and install

What we download here is the MSI installation package of Rakudo Star,windows, which is

Fool-Type one-click installation, after installation of the environment variables can be configured, no more said

Linux below is the source code compiled installation, the choice of the backend virtual machine is MOARVM, do not like the JVM does not say ... Here I use the FEDORA20 system

First download the source code from Rakudo git,


git clone git://


Download the source package, unzip can

Perl6 compile time needs perl5, but the general Linux version comes with PERL5, so it is not a problem,


Execute the above command in the extracted directory or git get directory,--backends=moar the following parameters are optional, use

Perl Help

Can see the supported options, if the required file program will download itself, because the firewall is more powerful, quietly waiting for clone,

If the module is missing during installation, you can download the installation, for example fedora20 is yum install perl-xxxx

Clone good after using make compile, compile fast, my physical machine is Core i3 virtual machine compiled with 2 minutes,

Next, we recommend implementing

Make test, all OK is no problem,

Final make install, instantly complete

Finally, if you install the PERL6 path that is not in the environment variable, you can perform

ln -s/usr/local/perl6/bin/*  /usr/bin/

Make a soft connection, and then you can use the perl6.

PERL6 Introduction and download compilation installation

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