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Time flies. in a twinkling of an eye, I am already 35 years old. I entered the old and Old Middle-aged age and took on more responsibilities. How can I spend the golden time between the ages of 35 and 40? It is important to myself and the future of my family. This is why I wrote this personal development plan.

Summarize yourself before planning for the future, as shown below:

1. If you have a family, an old man, and two children (born in February), you need to consider the issue of your second-year account.

2. The family's finances are tight, and the home loan is required every month. There is not much funds remaining each month. In addition, if the current house is insufficient for housing and the degree is poor, you still need to consider changing the house.

2. I have been in ERP Fund Management for Kingdee for 8 years and have held Java development engineers, project managers, Department deputy managers, designers, and other positions, some project management experience, team management experience, and technical foundation are not particularly prominent.

3. I have studied Java Web development and adnroid development in my spare time. I have tried two entrepreneurial projects, one being a debating website, and the other being a happy pregnancy, but the effect is poor, however, the latter is better than the previous one.

Let's look at our dreams and what do we want to do in our hearts?

1. technical capabilities can be upgraded to the next level, so that your technical level can reach the top 10% in China or within the company, truly master the technology and become a technical expert, let technology truly become your core competitiveness without regret!

2. The ideal customers have outstanding technical capabilities, both business and management capabilities, in-depth thinking on the industry, and strong comprehensive capabilities. They are well-known in the industry, resume is no longer required for job change.

3. Make a good product to make people's lives better, And let thousands of users say that this product is doing well!

4. Financial Freedom is achieved before the age of 40, and the job is not for money.

5. to start your own business, you need to think deeply about whether you really want to do it. If you really want to do it, you need to constantly prepare ideas and teams.

To realize your dream, we plan:

1. Make full efforts and do a good job in everhomes. beyond the expectations of the boss, complete the work and contribute your own abilities to make a valuable product!

2. Work out a technical improvement plan based on your responsibilities, improve your technical skills in your spare time, and strive to improve your technical skills within one year.

3. Learn English based on the technical learning process, and make English a tool for improving your technology.

4. Learn technical capabilities, business capabilities, project management capabilities, and team management capabilities from other coders in the Team to improve their overall capabilities!


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